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The number of webmasters with blogs on women’s issues is growing exponentially. The reasons are simple – the female audience of the Internet is growing, and it is more than klikogennaya and loyal male audience.

How to Make Women Blog Topics

Your blog for women at a constant visit at least 1000 unique users per day can be turned into a source of income of at least $ 100 per month. If your blog has less traffic, work more on increasing traffic , rather than on monetization.
I have tried to select the most appropriate goals and trust sites that take in women’s blogs and websites.

Earnings female teaser networks


In RuNet today – is the most profitable tizerka women’s issues. Fee for 1 click of 1 ruble. Given that many pay per click tizerki 0.3 ruble, Ladycash very attractive option for payment, as well as CTR. On the website in 1000 unique visitors a day, you can earn 70-100 rubles for this tizerke (approximately US $ 100 per month). On the other universal traffic exchanges teaser read in my article – here . Website: Ladycash



System Lady.Hit-sales – “sister” Ladycash, only focuses on product teaser traffic. Pay per click depends on various indicators of site visitors. Site: the Hit-sales

Earnings on affiliate programs



Admitad – the most qualitative affiliate. Here, the most trust advertisers. That is why the system has only 95 advertisers to date. All of them are subject to rigorous selection in advance. With Admitedom working female online shopping, TV clubs, online games, sms-tests. Website: full list of affiliate programs, as well as more details about the earnings on affiliate programs is available here .

Earnings on the articles and links exchanges


The system allows you to sell links from the site. The adoption of the system, is an important indicator of your TCI because Exchange is positioning itself as an assistant in the promotion of sites in Yandex. The minimum level for making your site in CY 10, the blog must be at least 6 months and 80-100 pages in Yandex search. Website:


Getgoodlinks – system is an important component of your PR, because the market has positioned itself as a facilitator in the promotion of sites on Google. Minimum PR – PR 1. Website: Getgoodlinks.Ru

Earnings on contextual advertising

Google Adsense

Google Adsense
Earnings on the context, the most optimal for the webmaster, you do not give a reference weight on the stock exchanges of links and articles, earnings per click is much higher than those offered by the teaser networks.
Moreover, Google Adsense CTR with good will to give you high-quality ads and high-paying. I recommend to put no more than one Adsense block per page. Google allows to set maximum 3 units. On how to register in Adsense, I described in detail in the article about the Google Adsense . Website: the Google Adsense

Yandex Advertising Network (YAN)

Google Adsense Alternative – Yandex advertising network – some webmasters female blogs earn more on YAN, at the same attendance. Be sure to experiment. Withdrawal of funds from the system is possible through partners, for example, I use Adself.Ru
Website: YAN

The same rules of the “golden” earnings on blogs, women’s issues, of course, does not exist. Try all the options with a different location on the blog, for different geographic audiences and at different times of the day. Then you will find the best option and can make serious cash on women’s issues blog.

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