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Each of us, there are places in the city or outside the city in nature, which have a positive effect on the subconscious mind to claim that give the feeling of something new. For me the tourist places of which I write below, represent the riddle. They encourage me to blog and come up with new projects on the Internet. Some of them, such as a bookstore or Starbucks, may seem standard, but I suggest you go there before to evaluate. I recommend this place, I’m sure they instill in you the spirit of optimism and innovation!

1. Barnes & Nobles Coral Gables

Bookstore … here is essentially a desire and motivation to blog. All stores Barnes & Nobles there is this spirit of innovation and inventing something new. Coral Gables is interesting as one of the oldest areas of Miami, respectively feshenebelen. This mixture of simplicity, luxury, spirit of innovation – really sends you into shock and the desire to come up with something new and do for mankind.

Such a spirit I felt only in Borders Fort Lauderdale, which is, unfortunately, closed ((((Was he here

There’s a cup of coffee and read a new magazine, the compiler could sit IMDB algorithm, the owner of the famous American women’s blog, sound-producer of New York, a guy zarabotavayuschy on Mozilla Firefox up to $ 5,000 per month, etc. Cup of coffee – worth $ 1.75. And people are earning tens of thousands of dollars and are seeking to increase and become more successful.

2. Starbucks – Fort Lauderdale

Just look at the picture. Everyone knows what a Starbucks. This coffee shop has become famous the unique atmosphere that can be felt in almost every Starbucks. However, this Starbucks is special, it has a direct view of the ocean. Even on the south beach in Miami Beach Starbucks is a side view of the beach.

This Starbucks is located in the hotel WESTIN Beach Resort Fort Lauderdale. Beach, palm trees, Florida – all speaks for itself.

3. Old Kyiv Botanical Garden

Kiev – the mother of Russian cities. Architecture and Green City is impressive so far. Old Botanical Garden – a kind of oasis in the center of Kiev. Here, I get some kind of peace, especially in winter, walking in the alley behind the University of Shevchenko. It is fairly quiet, and it would seem strange, because near the bustling boulevard Shevchenko.

4. Kalomagdan – Belgrade, Serbia

Kalamagdan – is a huge park in the center of Belgrade. The fact hurt the park, which is located in the country of proud and never surrendering Serbs. Just go there once, and feel the nature, once the largest of Yugoslavia, and now a proud 10 million of the country – Serbia.

5. Bakery on 7th Avenue, New York

The proverb says: “If you can make it in New York, you can do it anywhere.” Millions of words written about New York, the city fall, millions of people seek, and the gateway to the city for the majority of a Kennedy Airport (JFK). New York definitely has its own unique energy. Many believe the peak of the concentration of the energy – Times Square. I do not work up there too experience or inspiration, probably because it is very noisy))) I do not know why, but a huge burst of energy I felt in the French bakery Le Pain Quotidien. Great atmosphere of open long tables, only positive people))) Now I will go and see there every time when I’m in New York.

This 5 tourist destinations, have a positive influence on me when I’m going to write another post or article. I wish all bloggers to create something new and seek to change the world for the better! Read my tips for beginners bloggers and Blogersha .

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