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Stand-alone blog on a platform such as WordPress, has enormous advantages for the development of earnings and the blog, if you feel about blogging seriously. However, if you want to create a blog for free, and just keep an online diary for your entertainment or to record the most important event of its day, a huge number of online services that can help you create a blog for free.

Create your own blog for free

I will present here a list of the most popular and high-quality platform that quickly and easily give you the ability to keep your blog for free, that is, without any extra costs for a separate domain , hosting and install a stand-alone blog.

Note that installing a free blog usually takes 1 to 5 minutes. Therefore, to become a blogger can literally 5 minutes.


The most famous and “experienced” an online diary service – LJ (LiveJournal). The news can often come across news about hackers on this platform. Is not it a sign of the popularity of excess? Despite the fact that the service is very old, it has the annual increase in users. Create a blog on LiveJournal – step by step instructions on creating – here .


Blogger- product from Google, it is very easy to use and has a large number of options and integrated service from Google. Here you can read how to transfer all entries from Blogger on the WordPress . If you – a fan of Google, it’s your choice. Create a blog on the Blogger – if you need detailed instructions to create a blog on the Blogger – then read it here .


Blogs Mail.Ru – handy platform, especially for those who constantly hangs in MoiMir or other services Mail.Ru. On with Mail.Ru, for example, blogs are celebrities -. Tina Kandelaki, Vadim Galygin and Timur Rodriguez Create a blog with Mail.Ru , if you need detailed instructions to create a blog on with Mail.Ru – then read it here .


Tumblr – a very popular platform, especially in the United States, is rapidly gaining fans and users. Comfortable and stylish. The platform is suitable for stylish and advanced in the latest world trends in men. By the way, the number of users on free hosting growth surpassed WordPress. Create a blog on Tumblr Tumblr – if you need detailed instructions to create a blog on Tumblr – then read it here .

Site slogan – “Your blog logical?”. I suggest you check out, it is logical or not. From functional nothing special I have not found. However, if you like to have a blog on BLOG.RU, you can try) Create a blog on Blog.Ru – if you need detailed instructions to create a blog on Blog.Ru – then read it here


Liveinternet – very famous due to the news service, statistics and web diaries. About 3 million people have brought your blog using the service. Create a blog on – if you need detailed instructions to create a blog on Liveinternet.Ru – then read it here

Facebook and Vkontakte

vk facebook
VKontakte and Facebook can be a blog ??? This option for very lazy people who do not want to get out of Vkontakte or Facebook. You can write notes or Notes, and consider it as a blog, because these entries can see all users of social networks. Or keep an online diary on the wall directly. Recall that each page has its own FaceBook RSS-feed, many pages of VKontakte Yandex participate in the rating. Blogs. How to get there , see here .
Also read the article – How to Make Group FaceBook If you want to create a blog to earn money.
Blozhuyu, blogging, blogerstvuyte health, blogayte, blogs, Blozhuyu and etc))) The main thing – it is free !

If you want to create a stand-alone blog is serious, you should read my article on creating online diary . I am sure that it is clear to begin with, how to create a blog for free, then you can move on and to create a stand-alone blog.

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