How much is worth 1 Tweet Paris Hilton

Автор: Джордж Хорхе Георгий в Заработок на блоге. Кто не лайкнул, тот Сергей Зверев!

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More recently, working with Exchange, I added one of the English-language sites that try to sell tweets. The minimum price that can be put on the stock exchange for a tweet – $ 10. I pump over his Twitter account to 10,000 followers for 3 months.

A little distracted from the topic, I will say that Buysellads very comfortable Exchange redemption banner traffic, I’m going to write a post about this exchange … certainly in the future. While it is only partially described in this article about earnings on the English site .

Paris Hilton

Returning to the topic of fasting. And then, looking at the list of accounts that sell tweets on that exchange, saw that sold tweets with the official website of Paris Hilton on Twitter – @parishilton – price – 4600 USD.

How much is worth 1 Tweet Paris Hilton

I will write again, who can read is bad in the beginning – FOUR THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS – 4600 $$$$$$$ !!! Account tweeted the evening and went to treat ALL girlfriends expensive cocktails in the club …..

Look at Paris, from 7 and a half million followers, active only 140,000 followers in a month, about 2%. How, then, will be able, on the basis of this logic, to make our stars of the first magnitude, I decided to count in spisochki below. The data are based only on the price of a tweet from Paris and the number of its followers in Twitter – simple proportion:

  • Ksenia Sobchak – as it is called Russian Paris – 437,000 followers – $ 260 US
  • Philip – 296,000 followers – 181 USD
  • Dima Bilan – 218,000 followers – 134 US dollar
  • Sergey Zverev – 21,000 followers – $ 12 (that is, to achieve the level of ZVEREVA – really)))) just six months (3,500 followers in a month and you can compete in popularity with Sergei Zverev on Twitter Star in shock.!

In other words, the pumping (ie, increasing the number of readers – followers), your Twitter account, you will be able to reach the level of 12 dollars per tweet to 20,000 followers.

I have, to date, sold from your Twitter account with 10,000 followers on – 2 Tweets for $ 10, the website themes for women, I think, from 20 000 to be a little more …
I continue to pump your account, how do I He described in detail here .

Twitter – a very useful thing, and its share of search traffic and the number of real visitors is constantly growing. Therefore, read more about Twitter – 7 reasons for deciding to use Twitter and how to increase traffic via Twitter .

Recall that in RuNet percent of Twitter’s popularity is not high among social networks. However, a lot of perspectives. If you use Twitter to make a revolution in some countries, the power of it precisely is. About other popular social networks to promote, see here .

If you do not yet know what the promotion of social networks, then the article is for you – What Is the SMO .

I plan to make a list of American stars who sell advertising through their tweets, perhaps Paris would be far from being the highest paid Tvittershey … Oh, I wonder how many would be followers Michael Elvis or if they were still alive …

PS By the way, Philip opened his Twitter only after this video)))

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