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Friends, reading blogs and sites dedicated seo-topic, I noticed that each has its own approach, in fact, the “gray” and “black” methods of promotion abound. We strongly recommend not to use “gray” and “black” methods, but only the “white” as Google and Yandex is constantly struggling with such methods, and quite successfully (at least remember the last Google the Penguin ).

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Many of us reading the seo-blog, want to find the “magic” pill that will solve all problems, or give us a significant advantage over the others. This is about, I think people are looking for the “magic” diet to lose weight dramatically, but in any case, with a sharp decrease in weight, then begin a health problem. The SEO also exactly any sharp spike followed by a sharp drop, sometimes much lower starting point.

Now back to the white methods of promotion. Many SEOs recommend different approaches, which will eventually lose their effectiveness or not long maintain the proper level. I tried to select those techniques, including read and gain experience that will never lose relevance. Why? Yes, because they are recommended by search engines, and common sense.

SEO technique: The right words

Pick the keywords for which users will find your website, blog, products or services. On the basis of their build navigation menus and the text content of the site. Do not overdo it!!! Reoptimization severely punished by search engines! Sit down with your colleagues or yourself – feel like a visitor to the website and pick the keywords that have the potential to be typed in the search engines your customers or visitors. Then, in a huge number of online tools to check the amount of impressions of various queries on Google and Yandex.

SEO technique: Accessibility page

Make sure that the search engines Google and Yandex can find every useful page on the site, read the text, look at pictures, and visitors to understand quickly what is available in this page.

For this study the team Robots.txt file and read the handbooks and Yandex Google, especially the rules for webmasters from these search engines.

SEO technique: Cleaning house

Fix any broken links on the site, remove duplicate content, and make sure that your site loads as quickly as possible.
That’s about as well as cleaning the house, you have to arrange the furniture so that it does not interfere with moving around the apartment, puts everything exactly on the tables and shelves . Then you are much more pleasant in the apartment! That’s just as well and be nice to the search engines online.

SEO technique: Content Generator

Create an interesting, relevant and constantly updated content to readers and visitors to your blog or website constantly want to share with others.
It’s all very simple – the main purpose of the search engines – to provide the most accurate content on the desired user’s request. User – it and you will too! Will you look unexciting, old and off-topic content? No, that’s why Google and by Yandex to never show it to you. By the way, I wrote about what is quality content – here .

SEO technique: Links-avtoritilki

Add links to your website or blog ONLY from reputable sites. It is desirable for the subject site. Ideally, if you get links from authoritative resources several times, so build a relationship of trust such sites.

Spamdexing – a huge problem for search engines sooner or later will punish any site, if such action is taken. By the way, now thousands of sites, at least 10 years of age with a white reputation. So the problem with their presence, and there is no exclusivity.

SEO technique – Lepi own hands dream

Constantly improve behavioral factors, reduce the number of failures and increase the time spent on the site.
This is – my main equipment. And I think that should be the primary technique for all webmasters, because first of all we are working to ensure that site visitors were convenient and comfortable)))

Never stop in the development of the site! More to read the official recommendations from the search engines and stop reading blogs on the black of SEO, even if they can help, it is not a long time. Remember this!

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