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We all know that FaceBook – a “mud”, dependence , vremyaubivatel source spam and earnings and an indispensable means of communication. Why do we use the contact. №1 – a means of communication with friends. We deal with many, using the back of a maximum of 200 words, to build a number of friends to one once, in any case, not in the list, and then suddenly someone will see that we are with someone we are friends and strangers laugh at .. .

Adding friends Vkontakte

Friends, the year 2008-2012 have already been used … FaceBook 200 friends – in the past …. Your personal page on VKontakte – is the most common media channel, which you select it on the audience size, or 200 or 10 000 person (limit administration FaceBook If you want to be hidden and only for their own, then -. Welcome to Classmates)))

My girl touches that insert their photos from the sea, so that they have seen more people, something like public relations, and limit your friends list without adding strangers … a paradox, photo do that many saw as new friends, who will be able to constantly look at the following photos, do not add.

Friends, look at our Earth, it has long been entrenched virtual world to the real it has little to do. The only connection is that the virtual world can not exist without real. Therefore, to create a page on VKontakte to have a presence in the virtual world, with a total of 50 friends, and new applications to add friends to write in response to “not acquainted with strangers” – the top of the irrationality, something like “bees against honey.”

Undoubtedly, the application of new friends should be carefully view that they were not robots, or intruders. This is ensured by himself Vkontakte – read here .

I add friends Vkontakte constantly strive to have another channel additional traffic. To learn how to get traffic from Vkontakte, I wrote in this article .

The question arises: Why in the virtual world 10 000 friends? Why not refuse those who offer friendship? Meaning?

Friends FaceBook

Here is an example : a friend of mine – a musician, created a 3 account, adding to 120 friends per day, on average, responded 60 of 120. According to the official rules of FaceBook, you can add one account to 40 people a day, but he added at 11 am and 1 hour of the night, and for some reason he could do it 2 times a day. Total for 8.5 months, he got all 30,000 friends on the 3 accounts.

It would seem that the point? But, he added, all friends from the same town, and after 8 months in his hands was a FaceBook account on scales comparable to the regional newspaper !!! With the audience 30,000 people. Each entry on the wall, read a lot of friends, that is potentially one record, you can reach 30,000 eye contact with any writing on your wall. And my friend was able to promote among friends with one of the city clips that created and concerts that are given. And in time all city friends to see his quality musical product began to take his group as “a” and distribute it actively according to the principle of viral marketing , as if defending their city. The more popular it becomes, the more popular will be the city, and, hence, in part, each resident.

I urge not to spam or aggressively adding FaceBook friends … just think that, instead of dull sitting and waiting FaceBook pictures or messages from your friends, you can increase the audience that will not help keep track of your photos, statuses, notes, videos, audio recordings, you free pr-ite myself!

Quantity 10 000 friends VKontakte – useful for all professions in the media, bloggers, SEOs, models, musicians, journalists, etc.

Invitations to the group

A great plus in a large number of friends that you will be able to invite these friends to any of your groups. VKontakte allows up to 40 people a day.

Schoolboy on Facebook

We immediately see that the power of social networks as the media have begun to understand the early American students, for example in the social network Facebook, immediately added to the active friends of all those who attend their school. And they know care about each other or not, they, on the contrary, use Facebook, then about to have been able to learn somehow. Their personal page on Facebook – their personal local media channel.

Safety friends

VKontakte significantly increased security and fighting spam, so now the problem of security is widely raspiarili add friends within the site. The main thing is, do not open suspicious links and do not respond to the request – to give money or do something criminal or immoral nature. For memories, read the article on the safety Vkontakte .

Earnings on FaceBook

I do not like to make directly to the FaceBook account, but at the same time, such a possibility exists. I describe it more in the article about earnings on FaceBook group . In all exchanges are made ​​not only groups but also personal pages.

Dependence on FaceBook

As it is not difficult to understand, but the number of dependent Vkontakte will increase. Evening prosizhivaniya Vkontakte will have a negative impact on sleep and sleep will injure the nervous system. Therefore, carefully follow your health. Also read this article – how to overcome dependence on Social Networks .

Adding a lot of friends Vkontakte, I recommend only after 18 years, because it is still inadequate people missing, but in 18 years, you have enough to start to understand how to “separate flies from cutlets.”

Whom do you want to add to friends Vkontakte

ONLY “LIVE” PEOPLE! Do not add bots! Browse wall people that you add or that you add to you, there should be signs of real communication, not just advertising posts. Do not add any advertising accounts travel agents or sales, they will not bring you any benefit for personal media channel.

And remember, in the words of one of his contemporaries – “all the content in your life, except an obituary is of PR”))) Have a nice blogging)

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  1. Ксения :

    какой-то бред, добавляйте тысячи “друзей”, которых вы в глаза не видели, ради численности, и жуйте их ленту с утра до вечера… тупость ради тупости.. слов нет))))))

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    Интересно про друга-музыканта. Надо себе попробовать.

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  3. Дмитрий Чернявский :

    ДА, соц сети будут набирать обороты, поэтому блогерам не использовать их глупо,я вот сейчас активно занялся этим вопросом.

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