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Only lazy people do not now trying to create a blog and write articles on various subjects. Sure, everyone wants to stand out from the crowd. Moreover, each convinced that it is his / her blog is worthy of huge traffic and attention of readers. But there is one problem – as long as no one is reading your blog …

Why did not read your blog?

The solution is simple, as all ingenious. If you want to read a blog, it should be promoted. Write guest posts, create groups in social networks, to live an active life on the discussion forums are constantly looking for people who might be interested in your blog topics – a 50% success rate.

To really engage the readers and make them come back to your blog? Your main weapon is to become a high quality original content. Make them think after reading your blog! Make them rejoice! Break the pattern of habitual perception of the world!

Find the source of your inspiration and try to bring it to potential readers.

However, do not forget about the errors that readers do not forgive, how your post would not be interesting. So will read the blog?

1. You are using an illiterate Russian language

You can make a deliberate, interesting and probative thought, but writing it with spelling or syntax errors, you alienate the reader who simply do not believe you. If you are not competent enough to learn to write correctly, then most likely you can not finish and bring to a logical completion of any of your ideas and thoughts. ALWAYS: Check the spelling of the computer and take a few extra lessons in Russian language from your former or current teacher Russian language.

2. You set your favorite ringtone to your homepage

Imagine a visitor for the first time coming to your blog and hear the wild cry of Merlin Manson in columns. And if the reader was sitting in the office with the included columns? First, you break his career. Second, you get the man who now hates you and your blog.

3. Blog – depression

Forget about how to write your blog posts in dark gray. In every life we ​​have enough problems. People are not interested in reading about the same issues described, as a rule, the same words.

4. Do you write only about himself and his life

Everyone – selfish in nature. Sure to write and talk about himself he loves each. You can describe the interesting life stories, anecdotes. However, it is not necessary to describe their everyday activities, such as: today I’m going to Lena tomorrow Bobik’ll get the doctor, take a picture and show you on my blog. Believe – 99.99% of the people deeply uninteresting fate, photos, and personal relationships of your favorite pets, and your daily life.

5. You use the content other bloggers

Remember, your blog – it is a projection of your soul and consciousness in the online space. You – unique, and hence should be such blog. Moreover, search engines a lot of mistrust to blogs that have non-unique content, and the latest Google Penguin algorithm, proof, read my article about penguins here .

Also remember that search engines will not be thrilled with the site, containing a huge amount of plagiarism. You can use the occasional citations of other bloggers, if you like them or they complement the thoughts of your post, but not always.

You will be useful to read articles about how to make a blog readable and of what quality content .
Change my attitude blog using these 5 tips, and believe me, you will have loyal readers who will become followers of your blog.

PS SEOblondinka)))

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