How to Register with Vkontakte

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Registration in the social network Vkontakte – occupation is very quick and easy. I continue a series of articles for beginners who are making their first steps on the Internet. VKontakte – the largest social network of the CIS and is among the ten largest world networks. Have a FaceBook account – mandatory for today’s realities.

So, how to register (create an account) in the social network Vkontakte.

Step 1

Go to the website In the upper left corner is the “Register” button and click on it.

How to Register with Vkontakte

Step 2

Enter your name and surname. For example, I entered my nickname.

How to Register with Vkontakte 2

Step 3

Now Vkontakte invites us to fill in the data, which in future will help us to find your friends and acquaintances, as well as to define our interests. Enter information about the school where you studied. If, for some reason, you do not want to enter this information, click on “Skip this step”. Once we have entered all the information about the school, click below on the button “Go to the next step.”

As up to 3 Vkontakte

Step 4

Now the same perform with the university. Then again click “Go to the next step.”

As up to 4 Vkontakte

step 5

Almost there! Bind your mobile phone to your account Vkontakte. Choose a country and enter your phone number. Next, click the “Get Code” button.

How to Register with Vkontakte 5

step 6

We are waiting for an SMS with the code. When it came to enter the confirmation code and click “Send code” button.

How to Register with Vkontakte 6

step 7

Now we come up with your password to your account. I entered the password, which is at least 8 characters, with conventional and uppercase letters as well as numbers and symbols. Next, click “Sign in.”

How to Register with Vkontakte 7

Step 8

Hooray! Now you are part of at least 100 million users Vkontakte army! Upload your avatar, edit profile and explore the menu on the left. In this social network all intuitive!

How to Register with Vkontakte 8

It would seem that today ironically to write such articles, as FaceBook account to have everyone)), and who has not, then check in the VC is very easy and intuitive. However, I also thought when I wrote the article How to Create an E-mail, and now on this article go for 20-30 people a day. So there are still people to whom this article will be helpful.

For those who only registered Vkontakte, I wrote a sufficient number of articles, I suggest a couple of them – why not add buddy in Vkontakte and How to Make Vkontakte .

Successful Vkontaktinga!)))

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