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Earnings in the Internet itself is very interesting and profitable . There are lots of ways to make money online. On his own blog or website, you can earn not only from advertising, there are many other ways . For example, earn on an affiliate program or affiliate.

earnings on affiliate programs

The essence of such earnings are as follows:
1. You get a referral link in any system (online store, hosting, exchange articles, etc.) and place in any record on its web project …
2. Users click on this link, and the transition is entered in the affiliate server database.
3. They like the proposed services, goods.
4. They buy anything on the site of your partner. You will be charged a certain percentage of their purchases.

Of course, the theory is simplified, but in general everything about the case. For example, do you use any hosting service, you pay 300 rubles per month. Stay referral link with your host in an article on his blog. Referred by links people buy hosting services, which use you, for the year for 1000 rubles. You will receive, for example, 20% – 200 rubles. You brought the user to the website hosting – you are charged for this money.

Affiliate Program (Affiliate Program) – is a form of internet marketing, a way to mutually beneficial cooperation between the seller of goods or services, and webmasters that attract buyers and get paid for it. By way of paying affiliate programs are divided into: Pay-per-sale (PPS) – an affiliate program with pay-per-sale. Pay-per-click (PPC) – an affiliate program with pay-per-clicks. Pay-per-impression (PPI) – a partner program CPM. the pay-The per-the lead (PPL is) – an affiliate program with pay-per-action, such as online registration or subscription to a newsletter. the pay-The per-call – affiliate program with pay for calls. A relatively new type of affiliate programs.

Affiliate program – is the foundation of the Internet business. Such monsters like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Amazon is widely used them for a profit. In the highly competitive and profitable niches of the vast majority of sales are made through the affiliate.

By the way, not necessarily to have a blog or website to earn money this way.

Here are the options to earn on an affiliate program:

  • Spread the links on the dates of the affiliate on the social networks .
  • Send out emails to your subscribers or customers, advertise services system, whose partner you are, your friends.

In principle, every serious online business has an affiliate program, so that the best option for a living will find the right affiliate program for you.
It is convenient to use aggregators affiliate programs, where you can find hundreds of them by category and topic.


admitad logo
Admitad – most probably a large affiliate system in RuNet. The stated information to the press – 80 advertisers over 30,000 webmasters. Monthly turnover growth of about 15-20%.

Sign in Admitad.Ru


ad1 logo

Ad1 – a relatively new system, trying to catch up with Admitad. AD1 – affiliate program with a fixed or progressive pay-per-action. The minimum amount to be paid – 800 rubles.

Sign in Ad1.Ru


actionpay logo

ActionPay – Just. Profitably. Effectively. Suffice it to a new system in RuNet, working since 2010.

Sign in Actionpay.Ru

Where Elephant

gdeslon logo

Gdeslon – cool name, functionality and set of advertisers does not differ from the previous companions. In fact virtually all advertisers set the same, can be different at 10%.

Sign in Gdeslon.Ru

Affiliate programs online stores

Very well run blogs with affiliate programs online stores. Almost every online store has an affiliate program proposal, the percentage of deductions an average of 10% to 30%.

Affiliate Programs booking hotels and buy tickets

Another example: You write a blog about tourism in Canada. Write how well you can relax there. Painted the culture, terrain and climate. On your website or blog, there are two affiliate programs – booking of hotels in Canada and to purchase tickets to the same. User entered your blog and wanted to go to relax. And as soon as he sees the book hotels and buy tickets. Conveniently. He buys a pair of tickets and booking a hotel. And you get a certain percentage.

Affiliate programs or affiliate – it is one of the most effective ways to make money online. You should never ignore it, because bloggers and webmasters are earning good money with the right choice of affiliate program.

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