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Do you know English and have already made ​​the first steps in creating a blog , or just going to do it? Undoubtedly, in the English-speaking market opportunities to earn more on the Russian language – the number of potential readers increases significantly.
Earn on the English-language blog or website

1. Contextual advertising


Google Adsense
Adsense – the main source of income for many bloggers, so it will stay in the English-speaking sector. Read how to add your blog or website to Adsense here .
Check the options with different color schemes and placement of blocks of contextual advertising, in this case, you will be able to maximize your earnings. Sign up on Adsense .
There are Adsense alternatives – for example – Chitika, Adbrite, Bidvertiser. But they rarely exceed the results of Adsense.

2. Writing articles and Review

ReviewMe, Sponsoredreviews, Blogvertise – three systems allow you to make a placement of paid review.

In Reviewme for beginners there is a limit of 10 posts per month.

Sponsored reviews
The biggest payouts and fat clients have Sponsoredreviews. Increases the blog or website, such as – the position in Alexa and external reference weight, then you will open more lucrative offers from advertisers.

To receive requests from US $ 100 per post. Rating your blog in the system must be at least 4 stars out of 5.

SponsoredReviews –



Another system for earning bloggers. Earn money by placing the posts on the advertiser’s products.

Blogvertise –

3. Systems with automatic distribution links


You can earn money by setting a block on the pages of your blog. You earn on the links in the block references within the text, selling whole pages.
Despite the fact that the sale of links banned by search engines, Textlinksads been successfully operating for several years.
It does not accept the sites with low traffic rates and PR. Peydzhrank home page should have at least PR3.

4. Banner


The most convenient and efficient system of banner impressions for bloggers and webmasters – Buysellads. Registration – here . Here the important parameters yavlyayutsya your PR, the number of followers on Twitter and on Facebook, the number of inbound links for Yahoo, rated Compete.
It is also one of the most important parameters will be your ranking in Alexa. Therefore, try to increase it.

Blogads undoubted leader among similar systems. The alternative may be (a system which uses the way a famous blogger Perez Hilton, the prices look here . 30 000 US dollars per week with one ad unit, not bad, right?).

5. In-text advertising


The system works as follows: – select the keywords for which you need to show your ads, then the system scans the contents of the site and emphasizes the keywords if there are any in the text of the page. When a visitor moves the mouse over the highlighted word, a window opens that contains an advertising message. If a visitor clicks, then a transition to the advertiser’s site.
Sign up for Kontera system .

Keep in mind that start to earn at least 50-100 dollars a month on the English-language blog, or you can when you get targeted traffic from 1000 unique visitors, and your page will not get PR3 (to write a Review).
If you are interested to promote English-language sites, that offer Now read this article of mine . Here I will elaborate on the progress, gradually tried to describe their experiences.

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