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To earn money, a lot, a lot of money – the dream of many users in the world, including on the Internet. Having written more than 12 articles on the topic of earnings on the Internet, I decided to make a summarizing article on “how to make money.” I hope this article will serve as a useful bookmark in the difficult task of making money, or, to put it in an Internet – in manimeykerstve.

How to earn money

Sure, money income is always an issue that requires time and effort to the application. With the development of the Internet throughout the world, in my opinion, soon the term “make money” will mean “to make them online,” directly or indirectly.

Reducing the amount of cash in circulation and the total transition to electronic money is already quite close. The main thing you remember – nothing happens immediately. It is necessary to work patiently and go to their goal. As in life, and on the Internet.

So here’s a little list of articles with the help of which you can find ways to make money online:


How to make money on the blog – the main goal of many bloggers. This is my main form of income, traffic monetization of blogs with a lot of ways.

Sites and blogs female subjects

How to make money on blogs women’s issues – women’s issues, one of the most expensive on the Internet. Women theme – the future of blogging, in my opinion, this is what I wrote in detail in the article – a goldmine of 20-30-ies . I’m developing a site for women for more than 4 years, was able to reach the attendance in 6000 unique visitors per day, such a site can bring when not strong advertising load – 15 000 rubles (500 dollars) a month. If you want to create a blog, I recommend creating it right now, for example, for this statement .

The English-language blog or website

How to make money on the English blog – options for those who possess good English. Remember that earnings in the English web site, at any position – context, teaser, articles, etc., on average, 3 times more expensive than in the Russian language. I am engaged in the promotion of English language sites for more than 3 years old, I want to note that the “rate” there are quite different. My friend from Kiev created a blog for women entirely from scratch, filling it with articles and photo galleries, 4 years later, he began to make a blog, with the attendance of 17-20 thousand unique visitors a day – about 20 000 thousand US dollars per month. It is not bad))) Therefore, learning English at school !!!

the Internet

How to make money on the Internet – a review article on all types of income.


How to make money on the internet student – in his spare time pairs.


How to make a quick profit on the Internet – options for earning a maximum of 1500-3000 rubles per month. Definitely the best way to spend time, instead of drinking a bottle of beer with friends, or of sitting for hours on social networks without the use of …


Earn on clicks -. It is more detailed article on the CAP Exchange, where you can earn money by clicking on the ad, and browsing the site
is a fast form of income, and therefore, a lot of it did not earn, but out of pocket expenses necessarily suffice here. About such as earnings, see here – How to Make clicks .


How to make money from referrals – this does not necessarily have a website or blog. I earn through referrals about $ 100 per month. This is what I was able to achieve a year of work of the blog. Many Moneymaker made ​​more than 1000 US dollars.

teaser ads

How to make money on the teaser advertising – make money on teasers only if there is a site, and good attendance. I tizerki show high conversion on women’s issues, it is possible to make fine.

Writer or Writing

How to earn money to the writer – if you have a competent Russian or English, or you are all my life wanted to be a writer, be sure to read this article. From the beginning, I tried to comment for the money, and then decided to go to your blog, believe me, it brings in more money.

Partnership programs

How to make money on the affiliate programs – the preferred option for those who have a large group on a social network or a website.

Purchase and sale sites

How to make money on the purchase and sale of sites – a detailed review of stock exchanges for buying and selling websites and blogs. While I’m trying to earn only on buying and selling domains, sites is the next step, neskotorye people make tens of thousands of dollars on the resale of domains and sites.

Vkontakte community

How to make money on the group Vkontakte – information for the owners of the numerical groups of Vkontakte and other social networks. I am at the disposal of the group of 20 000 people on Odnoklassniki and Vkontakte several groups of 3-5 thousand people. I earn money with them in ways that I described in the article. Now a look to the Twitter, because I have an account on 10,000 followers, and have enough systems that allow traffic to monetize Twitter. For example, he wrote recently an article about Paris Hilton that sells your tweet for 4,600 US dollars .


Yes, creating interesting videos too can earn decently, most importantly, to make a video popular and then monetize it, that is to monetize. Monetize views from Youtube can be dozens of ways, most importantly to become popular as this do? To begin, remove the video and place it on Youtube))) Then read the article – methods of earning on your Youtube .

Advertising Forum

You can easily create a forum for niche or popular subjects and untwisted it earn on advertising. Forum, albeit rather slowly gaining visitors, but forum users are with your forum for a long time. For them, it is so to say, a separate room for a conversation on topics of interest to them. If you want to create a forum, read about it here – How to Create a Forum .


There is already a considerable number of forums where owners make great money, but to support a great forum alone is very expensive at the time, which is why the owners of forum moderators are hired, so they followed the correspondence in the forum, get banned, and violators followed by spammers. On average, a good forum to pay 100 dollars a month.

This list I will expand and fill with new articles for you. Every year earnings variants increases exponentially. Good luck to you and make money blogging!

Similarly, I can say that the real wage comes only with the creation, something his – website, blog, social network or online store. Therefore, be sure to read the article to create them on my blog, you will find a complete list at the beginning of the article next to the ad unit.

I hope you will earn enough money to get there, for example, on a private bikini party on Miami Beach :) and maybe buy a similar villa :)

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