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Women’s blogs – the rapidly growing Internet sector. On the prospects of women’s blog I wrote in the article – Women’s Blog – a gold mine 20-30th . For 4 years I have developed a blog for women, more specifically, women’s team blog. At the beginning of this year, I came up with these results: 17000 unique visitors (12,000 in the main, 5000 subdomains), directories DMOZ, Yandex (extra charge), Mail.Ru, Rambler, Yahoo (free of charge, there is an English version of the site), nepokupnye fans Vkontakte – 10500, Facebook – 1000. CY – 150, Google PR – 4 (links are not purchased).

how to create a blog for women

The site is not actively monetized, since the plan is still actively involved with the development of monetization “in light” for running costs – 2 Google Adsense block, posting articles, teasers – blog earning $ 600 a month and covers all the costs of its content.

In fact, if you want to create a personal blog for women, collective or portal for women – the steps to create the same. The differences are only in the template and some plugins.

I would like to focus in this article is not on earnings, namely the creation and optimization of your blog in order to achieve good results in the promotion. So, how to create a women’s site (or blog).

1. Blog on WordPress

Blog installed exactly as described in my video instructions to create the blog . Expenditure on a good hosting and domain – about 700 rubles (25 dollars) per month.

2. Installed plug-ins

Be sure to repeat these steps after you install the blog – it will help you get rid of many problems in the future.
Take a look at the list of plugins that I found on a blog for women: by Akismet – plug-in is a very important protection against spammers. Be sure to place it on any blog. The Author Image – a plugin that displays an avatar of the author. The Better the Content updates Related – plug-in for the issuance of similar articles on the subject. It should be at the end of each article. Cbnet Ping An Optimizer is – a very important plugin, it allows you to reduce the risk, you enroll in the lists – spammers. Each time you press the button “Update” or “Publish”, WordPress pings many blog services, including Google and Yandex. If you press 10 times the “Update” button, the blog services – 10 times the receive signal of the new post. Accordingly, updating 10 times for the same post, you are risking to get into the spammers list. This plugin solves this problem. Contact the Form 7 – a form of feedback from readers. The Display widgets – it helps in solving the problem of duplicate content and increase the CTR. The Google XML the Sitemaps – creates a sitemap in XML format. Mail Address the From – changes the email and the name instead of the standard vordpressovskogo on what you want. at least a Platinum SEO Pack – improves SEO blog. Allows you to register different versions of titles, meta descriptions and meta keywords. Of Popular the Widget – Widget most popular posts on the rated blog. PuSHPress – this plugin I have in detail written here . Redirection – is very important, it allows you to redirect to a specific page. The Resize the upload Plus is the at – allows you to set the limits of the width and length of the downloaded images. RusToLat – Transliteration of Russian into english characters URL. the Simple the reverse Comments – comments in reverse order. the W3 of Total the cache – caching your blog. The plugin allows several times to speed up boot time. of Popular Posts – popular posts on statistics Stats – Statistics of your blog. The WP-Polls – polls – a very popular and useful blogs on women. The WP – optimizes pictures at boot, which allows to reduce page load times. WPtouch – creates a mobile version of your blog.

All plug-ins are looking for the official website of WordPress – .

Social promotion

To blog moved into social networks, social buttons have been installed. I did this the same way as described in the article – how to add a button on the social networking blog .
There have also been installed widgets in the sidebar – “We Vkontakte” and “with Facebook”. It will stimulate the growth of active “real” blog fans.

A more detailed list of social networking sites to promote you will find – here .


From the beginning, I asked friends of girls and women, to write articles on any subject, as long as it was sincere and interesting. Almost every woman will write you a couple of articles, if you ask them. After all, women are sensual creatures, they often want to express their emotions and outlook on life, for example, through the paper, and paper.
Oh, and I admit a few articles written by yourself …

After that, I bought the unique materials on copywriting exchanges . Note that the uniqueness of the material, one of the basic principles of SEO for a quality product.
Once the traffic has reached about 300 visitors per day (half a year), I began to receive offers from Blogersha and copywriters to write articles just for my site. Then he formed a certain cool copywriters who fit into the theme and style of presenting information.

The cost of the article from copywriter from 60 rubles to 120 rubles per article of 350-450 words. Over 500 words in the article for women’s sites, in my opinion, makes it impractical.


The importance of organic growth in traffic has been hit in the DMOZ directory.
The directory Mail.Ru – came after 2 weeks of application, filed a blog free of charge . Link through a redirect, but read in Yandex and to Google.
The Yahoo directory – got on a fee basis. In the catalog take English-language sites or certainly with the English version. $ 299 US dollars – and hit for 1 week. Details about the Yahoo directory described in the article – how to add your site to Yahoo directory .After entering the directory experienced organic growth of the Google-traffic by 10-15% /
In DMOZ – came with the 9th attempt. Paid 14750 WMR.

Categories and Forums

I have used several categories related to women’s issues. Originally created categories: Beauty, fashion, life, health, diet, career, love, family, style, shopping, showbiz. Gradually adding: tourism, wedding decorations, recipes, crafts.

By creating a blog on women’s issues, you can use a narrow focus, such as healthy eating, or make-up lessons. For a team blog or female portal advisable to create more partitions. The main thing is not to complicate the navigation menu a bunch of tabs.

In the women’s category I recommend reading my articles – where to buy female traffic for blogs or websites – if you want to accelerate the monetization of your blog. Also read the list of available exchanges and earnings systems on female blogs .

I may help you speed up the decision on the establishment of women’s blog. Then I would be very happy! Successful blogging!

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