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Social networks have joined in our lives. Dozens of Internet the the On of social networks from the famous to the Obscure . Fever is about social interaction continues. IT social networks the From has Shown the Dependence of the people , and Gaining Significant Momentum.

social network

American magazines are full of headlines about social networks, the term “social networking” is always possible to find such articles as an example – “10 most popular business model 2012″, “10 Things that people are interested in 2012″, etc. The Once there is a demand, it means that you must give and offer.

Create your own social network, in principle, it is not difficult. In the Internet a huge number of proposals on this occasion, everything is thought out to the smallest detail and Russified. You can use the free engines, relatively free and paid, in any case, it is necessary to look – to assess the interface and functionality, suitable to you and get to work creating a social network.

You are the the If administrator of a decent group in with Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki, the try to the make money now! Just using the social traffic Exchanges, more found here . How of the get to About from traffic with Vkontakte, in I of wrote up my article – How to the Get the Traffic from FaceBook .

If you want to create their own social network, then read this collection of engines of social networks:


buddypress logo
BuddyPress – a free social engine for the WordPress the MU. With the help of the engine, you can create a social network alone or in addition to your blog or website. For example, the website of the University or school sports. The source code engine is fully open. BuddyPress is a huge plus – it’s free. In RuNet a large number of communities dedicated to this engine. Download and install in 5 minutes. Order to work with In Baddipress, a must you the install the WordPress, about how of to do the this, the read up my article – Blog-the start . Website –


elgg logo
Good engine. Free. Russified and created a lot of communities in the support and development of the project. Not a bad alternative Buddypress. Have a Significant Definitely number of FANS of the engine is displayed. Website:

Social Engine

Social Engine
SocialEngine – the are most “social” engine for social networks. Recently released a new version SocialEngine 4.0. Engine fee – $ 250 for the version with open source. To date, no competitor reasonableness engine social network. Plugins need to buy a plug approximately – 40 US dollars. It has Russian support in RuNet. The engine makes a major breakthrough compared to version 3.0.

If you decide to create a social network on this engine, you should know that you have a 30-day period for the engine of the sample, in other words, 30-days Trial. This means that you can install the product and use it free of charge to 30 days, and then decide whether to continue to use it.

Is very engine of The good for the English-language promotion, the if you are Promoting English-language sites, see section called 100+ . Will of the find up my You collection of press releases This and directories with the high of PR directories. Website –


ning logo
Ning – one of the pioneers. By the number of users the largest network . Really create a network for 5 minutes. Very user-friendly interface for administration. Previously, he was free, now offering different packages from $ 2.95 to $ 49.95 per month for the use of the engine. Advise the this engine I of the if you have a small budget for promotion. Website –


jomsocial logo

Jomsocial for Joomla, about that and BuddyPress for WordPress. One drawback – you have to pay at least 99 dollars. If your blog or site is installed on Joomla, then for you it is the best option. Despite the fact that the cost of from $ 99 to $ 499 – the engine is very thought out and has a significant amount of functionality.

Website – jomsocial


phpfox logo

PhpFox – one of the best social networking CMS. Very powerful script surcharge. The license starts at US $ 99, although it is advisable to begin with a Networking Pack for $ 199 USD.

Website – phpfox

As it turned out to create their own social network is not so difficult, it will require funds from 0 to $ 250, and a couple of hours of time to install and detuning functions. Dare, perhaps you will become the second Pavel Durov!

You are only the If-making Their first steps on the the internet, and do not the know exactly what you want to the create, the read Also up my article – How to the Create a Website , How to the Create a Blog and How to the Create an Online Store .

The PS It is very Useful for inspiration to see the movie “the Network of The List Social” with Facebook about creators. Here’s the trailer for the film – be inspired!

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  1. Капоне :

    старо. используя эти движки и плагины функционал ничем не будет отличаться от нынешнего. при добавлении своей функции надо разбираться в коде этих freeCMS, а если его знать, то зачем пользоваться этими движками. они производят очень много лишних запросов на сервер. я лично плюнул на эти цмс, изучил html, css, php, jquery, mysql и сам сейчас пишу основу

    пятница, февраля 26, 2016 at 04:15 PM | Ссылка
  2. Виктор :

    как создать социальную сеть?что для этого требуется?

    четверг, октября 15, 2015 at 06:38 PM | Ссылка
  3. Яна :

    я люблю тебя РОССИЯ я просто очень хочу сделать свой социальный сайт

    вторник, июня 12, 2012 at 07:31 PM | Ссылка
  4. мы вместе :

    Самый лучший сайт за историю всех сайтов !!!

    воскресенье, марта 18, 2012 at 09:03 AM | Ссылка
  5. Azamat doshbanov :

    Prowu pomogite sozdat socialniy set ya na4enayuwwi programist

    суббота, августа 20, 2011 at 07:13 PM | Ссылка
  6. Сетевик :

    Интересная статья, но уже немного устарела конечно…

    понедельник, июля 11, 2011 at 04:49 PM | Ссылка

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