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Since my blog at the request of “how to create a blog” and “how to create their own social network”, are on the top positions in Google and Yandex (and thus they are useful for the readers), I decided to compile and choose the best options for you how create your online store. Hopefully, this article will also be useful for my readers.

Create your online store

Creating online stores, you can use the following options: ebay, platform with a closed and open source online store for rent (or the so-called Saas-s), social networks, such as engines WordPress or Joomla.


Ebay – still №1 platform for the sale of goods in the world. Therefore, pointing it first.
Create your online on Ebay is very easy, it is enough to have a $ 16 per month .
Ebay offers different options at different costs, makes it possible to change the design of pages, a limited or unlimited number of products.
Suitable for a small shop, or addition to the main online store.

Platforms with closed source

In other words, SAAS – Software as a Service – translating into Russian – “Software as a Service”. Advanced platforms offer you to rent online store, where you are paying rent have different capabilities on the technical capabilities and the promotion of an online store. Examples in the net – set, for example, or Shopium Sellbe, that is, to create online store is much easier than with the open source platform.

Open Source Platform

If you want full access to the management and all the changes in your online store, you should choose an open source platform. This means that you will be absolute master in the development of your store.



cs-cart logoCart-of Cs – is a commercial solution for small and medium-sized businesses. The company already offers only paid versions ranging from 345 US dollars (for Ukraine – 2799 UAH) – . The engine is open source, you can use it without any restrictions 30 days, then you need to buy a license.


magento logo
The Magento – the most powerful platform for creating online store, respectively, and the most expensive. The cost per year Professional Edition – 2995 USD, Enterprise Edition – 12 990 USD per year. There is also a version of the Community – it is free, but it does not give advantages, better known to use free analogues.


PhpShop – According to the company, in RuNet more than half of online stores running on their platform. The cost of 8253 rubles.

Remember also, that the creation of an online store is initially better to choose a good web hosting, so as not to lose profits in the future, more about hosting I wrote in an article about choosing a hosting .



opencart logo
OpenCart – enough popular open source platform. Allows you to have an unlimited number of categories, unlimited products, unlimited number of manufacturers, editable templates, multi-account, multi-language interface, 20+ payment methods, shipping methods 8+, rating products. Russian support – Myopencart .


Oscommerce – Another well-known platform with a pretty extensive list of options.


Prestashop – free, open source, completely Russified, convenient admin panel, free support, connection payment systems Runet, Russian support – Prestadev .

WordPress, Drupal or Joomla

Drupal WordPress Joomla logo
The WordPress, the Drupal or the Joomla – a blogging platform with open source allows you to create a free online store with a huge number of integration possibilities. How to install WordPress read here .
Of course, any supplement is not as professional as primarily a platform for an online store, but when properly configured, the effect may be sufficient.

Social networks

Social networks are so firmly established in virtually all areas of internet business that you can sell products directly to the group on the social network. Why not? Many users do so. Expose the image and conduct a dialogue with the users directly. Hundreds of such groups Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki. Perhaps this is your option. Full list of social networks read in my article – social networking for promotion .

Try any of these options to create an online store, in the end you will find the most optimal for you. If you are planning a major project – remember – the miser pays twice. After creating an online store, do not forget that it necessarily need to advertise and promote . Good luck!

PS I hope your shop will grow to the point that you can invite to appear in advertisements of Onotole Wasserman)))

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  1. Дмитрий :

    Я создал свой магазин без проблем!

    среда, марта 2, 2016 at 05:36 PM | Ссылка
  2. Валентин :

    Выбор “площадки” зависит от того, что именно предлагается потребителю. Для внедрения и продвижения новых товаров и услуг рекомендую соц-сети.

    воскресенье, декабря 11, 2011 at 08:24 PM | Ссылка
  3. Артем :

    Спасибо за обзор. Позволю себе дополнить. По моему аренда интернет магазина или как Вы ее назвали saas для новичка в создании и работе интернет магазина является самым выгодным решением. Это прежде всего связано с низкой стоимостью “набивания шишек” в сравнении с вложением средств в разработку интернет магазина, которая стоит значительно дороже. Аренда интернет магазина для новичка выгоднее и использования бесплатных скриптов, так как бесплатный скрипт нужно еще уметь устанавливать и настраивать. По поводу закрытости кода…Можно найти такую аренду интернет магазина, где можно в последствии заказать переезд своего интернет магазина. В этом случае Вы получите код скрипта на своем хостинге…

    суббота, декабря 10, 2011 at 03:54 PM | Ссылка

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