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Despite the fact that forums are no longer at the peak of popularity, and there are now social networks and blogs, I am sure that the forum will still keep its niche, especially highly specialized forums (on women’s issues or car forums, etc. ). Already much great force of habit in our people. They can sit for a long time in the forums, despite the fact that social networks can create a group with a lot of convenient options for communication.

bbpress phpbb vbulletin xenforo smf

We should not forget that many corporate websites, including the websites of different products, consider setting mandatory attributes of blog and forum. For example, a site that sells some software always has a blog to inform the official news and a forum where all the software that users can ask technical questions.

Many names of the following engines present letters of the BB, it was clear, that means literally Bullutein Board – a message board. To find the Russian support for any of you liked the platform for the forum, enter into Google or Yandex, and the name of the engine “Russian Support”, for example, – “vbulletin Russian support” or “Russian phpbb forum.”

Also remember that for fast loading of your forum users, you need a good hosting, as I detail wrote in his article on the choice of host .
I present a list of platforms that help to create a forum.


BBPress – plugin for WordPress that turns WordPress into a full forum. Because I – WordPress fan, this is what I’m writing the first version. Moreover, the platform plus the fact that it is free. How to install WordPress, I wrote in this article . There is also a video tutorial. bbPress is completely free and is designed WordPress developers, so 100% compatibility. Its advantage – high-quality support for web standards and fast loading and, therefore, improved SEO.

Website –


vBulletin (surcharge forum) – one of the “old” forum-platform market. Very powerful engine, proven over the years. Probably all fan clubs cars in RuNet and UKRNET put on it. Plus the system is that in addition to the forum, there are options blog and article directory. The platform is very safe and easy to use, fairly good usability. I think if it were not for the fact that the popularity of her to be seen.
There is no doubt, the most popular forum platform in the world is worth the money. There are different versions, depending on the number of options, but starts from the price of $ 195 for a license.

Website –


phpBB (free of charge) – The most popular forum engine in Nete. It is completely open source, which means that at some knowledge of programming, you can change it as you want. The engine is still supported by developers, which means that it bezopasnoct improved and there are additional features. In RuNet there are many sites and forums in support of this forum-platform, where in fact have all the answers to users’ questions.

Website –

Simple Machines Forum (SMF)

SMF (free of charge) – simple word really reflects the essence of the engine. If you need a little common forum. SMF – best solution. He as well as phpBB is open source and free. In fact it is just an alternative to phpBB is much more simplified. Community forums for this engine is very plentiful, and in my experience, is very responsive.

Website –


XenForo – another paid version to create a forum. The license costs $ 140. We created a part of developers who worked on the creation of vBulletin The, however, note the license costs by as much as 5-0 dollars cheaper. I explain it simply advertised brand vBulletin. This platform is interesting options – integration with your account on Facebook, optimized URL for the search engines and others. What is it great is the fact that the platform meets the new Web standards, such as, for example, HTML5. And as we know, the newer web standards, the potentially better usability and better usability, the more pleased with the visitor, and, therefore, Google and Yandex)))

Website –

If you already have the experience of creating the forum, vote and vote for their favorite platform for you to create a forum in the comments below. If you have a website and you want to increase traffic to the site with the help of the forum, read my tips to increase online traffic .

That’s all! Choose a platform and forth to create a forum, usually the installation of the engine does not take more than 5-15 minutes if you already have a hosting and domain. Forumiruyte, forums, forumchite – friends)))

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    Хорошая статья, спасибо!
    Наверное уже опоздал, но планирую сделать форум на Прессе, я тоже его фанат.Буду пробовать.

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    Отличный сайт хорошие и качественные статьи спс авторам!

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    Привет всем!
    Как запостить ролик на вашем форуме?
    Хотелось почитать мнения жителей форума))).

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