How to Create a Single Page Website for specific products

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Do you need a single-page site to sell a certain product? You do not want to be tormented with the creation and promotion of an online store ? Proceed to read this article! Those who specialize in selling only one product, usually start an internet business c site, consisting of a single web page. One-page website to create easy, so it is possible to quickly start a business.

How to Create a Single Page Website for specific products

Focus visitor on the word “Buy”

Creating a single-site, should be guided by slightly different principles and methods than to create normal business site. The contents of a single-site must be completely focused on selling product. I repeat, fully focused on selling product, any step of the way. In addition, it should be as much as possible to interest visitors to purchase your product. After your one-page website will be created specifically for this. Throw all unnecessary. For example, refuse zamudrennoy graphics in the header. According to marketing professionals the simplest headline is much more effective than the “motley painted.”

Buy the appropriate domain

Buy a domain for a specific inquiry about your product. For example, if you sell photo printing services in Moscow, buy domain, it will help in the promotion.

It is mind you one more thing, do not need to be placed on the links page on which users can leave your site (you can create a very small link at the bottom of the page to the page with information about the conditions of purchase, Privacy Policy and Affiliate Program). Everything on your site should be easily and naturally to lead the visitor on the handle to the button “Buy”. One-page site – it is essentially a wrapper for the “Buy” button.

Use a squeeze page

When you access a one-page websites are now often pre displaying additional pages, which are called «squeeze page». The history of this technology is short and little known, but we believe in the idea, which appeared in the online marketing Dzhanatana Maisel, which was then adapted and popularized by many others. Here’s how it works.

The user clicks on this link to get information about a product. However, to display the requested page is displayed sub-page, where the user is invited to fill in a form with contact information. The advantages are obvious additional page. Seller collects e-mail addresses of visitors to form a mailing list that you can use for further sales. Easy to see and disadvantages. The buyer can close the page and buy additional items on another site, not wanting to add yourself to the mailing list.

Studies have shown that some visitors simply close this extra squeeze-page, but many of those who went to buy the product page are converted from visitors to buyers.

Use audio and video

You can improve the user experience more pages, adding a sound or video footage. For example, you can add your own photo and 10 seconds showing your photo to adjust the playback audio file about this content: “Congratulations! Soon you will learn more about ABC – best gift for you and your loved ones. Now, take a few seconds and then enter in the appropriate field of your email address. After that, we will immediately provide you with more information. ” Add a little more convincing text and make the whole process simple and straightforward.

So proceed to the creation of a single-site, advertise their goods, collect customer base and earn money on it! I wish you success in business!

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