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Dear readers of my blog, we all love a freebie, so, any creation of something in the net want to do for free, so in addition to the article on the creation of an online store relatively free, I write an article on how to create an online store for free at all. After all, the word “free” love to all! And “all free”, which means even cheaper than free – like even more))))

Shop Online in the social network

This is the most simple and effective solution. I’m sure you bothered spammers called “Stylish clothes”, etc. They are a bother, but within the rules of Vkontakte, and most importantly, it works. After all, if it was not profitable, very few people would be engaged in this. My girlfriend so successfully carries goods from the United States, and takes orders via FaceBook.

online shop VKontakte

Such stores Vkontakte seen almost every

Payment by Webmoney and Paypal. The same can be organized on Facebook and Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte simply more advanced trading and sitting there longer advanced youth.

As an example, I recently searched for classmates to his friend in Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki. He is 45 years old. In Odnoklassniki we found 15 of his classmates and Vkontakte, 4 people from his school, not a class!
And subscribe Vkontakte a group How to create a blog of 10-12 year old boys and girls are not uncommon.
Therefore, forward in your account at soc. networks, and create an online store. If you decide to do it Vkontakte, then read how to get traffic from the social network – this is the topic.


You can now use blogs as shops. Experience of Singapore, where blogoshopy – one of the main channels of sales through the Internet, has shown that it is quite effective. In a interview with a representative Livejournal.Ru (LJ), following an attack on the server, on the question of journalists, whether he thinks Livejournal already “dying”, he said that just does not die, because there is increase every year and the number is increasing blogoshopov , citing as an example the experience of Singapore.

The picture shows an example of such blogoshopa. You can see that in the post shows the 5 types of clothing for women.

In other words, you make a blog for free – how to do it, I described in detail in the article How to Make a Blog for free .

And now, after you create, you write in your blog is not recording or articles, and exhibition, categorize it and leave your contacts. Accept Payment can now be a million different ways, so if things are really interesting, they are sure to find a buyer.

Online Store for the finished website or blog

If you already have a website or blog and you want to install the additional free small online shop, you will need to plug-ins for your engine, they are free.

For example:

If you are using other platforms, then search Google or Yandex for their plug-ins, they are in most cases free of charge, quickly and easily installed and configured.

Large trading platforms

In RuNet in UKRNET there are huge trading platforms, such as Molotok.Ru and Aukro.Ua huge number of people are working (for Ukraine), why not start with them, these sites have high traffic and easy to use, because of usability.

The most important thing – you get an audience for free and do not spend any creation of an online store, either on its progress. And you can test the demand for a product and make money with the help of this magazine. You can also have an account here, as an additional sales channel for your products, even having already online store. Hopefully now, it became clear how to create your site, online store for free and make money on it.

Dear friends, build and sell, the country and the world is in economic crisis, it is necessary to pull them out !! Why not start with an online store, the more so for the creation and installation does not need to pay a dime! All successful sales !!!

PS If you still in your pocket you can find 600 rubles per month, then see my article – how to create an online store relatively free . This may be the best solution for you.

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  1. Света :

    Благодарю за полезную информацию. Хочу создать маленький интернет магазинчик, чтобы оплата была с карты на карту и сразу после оплаты, чтобы люди скачивали товар.

    четверг, февраля 18, 2016 at 06:28 AM | Ссылка
  2. Натали :

    Я мамочка в декрете и очень хочется маленький интерне-магазинчик,но не знаю как это сделать.Нужно ЧП оформлять,наверно?Сейчас столько людей работают на страничках соц.сетей.Неужели они все ЧП?

    четверг, января 23, 2014 at 10:53 AM | Ссылка
  3. Игорь :

    хочется отметить ваш блог! очень много полезной инфы, и каждый “погонный метр” текста рождает в голове новые идеи! спасибо!

    среда, января 30, 2013 at 04:28 PM | Ссылка
  4. Модница :

    Так же на варезных сайтах есть множество шаблонов, которые не сложно установить и радоваться бесплатному магазину. Но если хотите уделить время бизнесу, то лучше заказать магазин у студии, да еще и с поддержкой.

    четверг, октября 11, 2012 at 08:13 AM | Ссылка

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