How to remove eye strain while working on the computer

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Eyes – mirror of the soul, one of the most important human organs and the finest tool that provides probably the most important feature – the ability to see. However, many of us every day, gaze for hours, in the evening tired eyes and eyesight may deteriorate and eventually in computer monitors.

How to remove eye strain while working on the computer

If you feel a constant discomfort, for the removal of eye strain from your computer you need to do the following:

1. Distance to screen

To start analyze how far from the screen you have. The eyes should be at a distance of about 3 diagonals from him.

2. Rest after each hour

After an hour of work you need to rest your eyes on the computer for at least 5-10 minutes. If you do not have the luxury of simply tear off the eyes from the screen and look out the window, turning it from site to site 20-25 times (for example, a tree, a building, located far away).

3. Sitting in one position

Long sitting in the same position creates a tension in the muscles of the neck and back, as it directly affects the blood saturation of the head and, in particular, the eyes. It is enough to break in the 5 minutes of simple exercises: head turns without effort up and down, side to side and back through 180 °.

4. free time

If you get a spare minute, sit on a chair, relax and close your eyes; voltage drops.
Be sure to make at least one exercise from my article how to do exercises for the eyes .

5. Cut out the light

Do not operate the computer with the lights off. In sharp contrast to much strains your eyes.

6. Airing

In the room with time the air is dry (the influence of household appliances, computers, heaters), causing dryness of the eyes, followed by a burning sensation and fatigue. Periodically, you need to ventilate the room, along with a portion of the oxygen enriched. Do not stare at the screen without blinking, eye muscles get tired, and forever, still, do not perform the function of washing of the cornea, causing dry eyes.

7. Get enough sleep

To restore the eye after a hard day you need 7-8 hours of full sleep.

8. Power

The ability to see well must be supported by proper, balanced diet. It is necessary to include in the diet containing fruits and vegetables Vitamin A (carrots, parsley, rose hips, fennel, pepper, apricots, red berries of mountain ash). From animal products rich in vitamin A beef liver.

If you do not remember every day to perform these rules, really, not only to maintain eye health, but also in some cases to restore vision, if it is not as sharp. Try also engaged in yoga in front of a computer , it will restore your overall health.

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