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After the registration of the domain , install a blog hosting, you have definitely matured idea of what will be your blog. If not, find a source of inspiration and choose the theme . The next stage is the promotion of the blog. After all, if no one is reading, you do not samorealizuetes and do not earn money. How Interesting Blog.  Part 1Promotion of any blog is the most important steps that must be followed. Take a look at them.


“Content is the king” – content – is king! All the well-known expression. In fact, content is something that has the primary purpose of your blog. This is the answer to the question – how to promote a blog. Write articles and posts on their own. Do not copy text from other blogs – it’s bad for both your readers and the search engines! Remember: the uniqueness of the content of the blog – the only way to success. I wrote a series of articles about how you need to draw and write content recommend to start with these two: Why Nobody reading your blog and what a quality content . There are some types of blogs, for example, collective (where he wrote more than one person), you first want to “disperse” unique texts, and the time to write you will not then try these exchanges copywriting. Buy to become the best in the exchanges, there can and order, you are interested, the theme – a copywriter. Moreover, if you do want to make as a copywriter, then these markets you can sell your own articles. More information on choosing a stock exchange, see here .

blog Optimization

After the publication of stable positions (at least 2-3 per week) you need to optimize your blog. First, be sure to apply the simple optimization rules: download speed, the correct css, etc. If your blog is on WordPress, then read – How to Optimize the blog on the WordPress . By the way, I recommend to read it all because many of the items are suitable for any blog.

Blog Promotion Search Engine

Once again I urge all bloggers to restrict quality content, then in any case, you will get traffic from search engines in the future. However, if you are, well, really want to hurry unwind, you can try articles or links to your blog. Remember, this is pursued rules for webmasters how by Yandex and the Google, and can haunt at any time in the future. Determine the dates of your requests for promotion in Google and Yandex. Use the tool Google Keyword and Yandex. Keywords .

Links for all

Purchase systems articles with links are all here .

Automatic distribution links

Promote queries using automatic site promotion systems. Full list of effective systems is here .

Buying traffic

Traffic is worth buying only if your blog is commercialized and selling any product or offering a service. Where to get it? exchange and purchase system.


Depending on the theme of the blog, select the most popular systems – Marketgid , Redtram .


Quality traffic is the best to buy. Of course, not everyone understands the well-known phrase – “do not stick your – not vynesh” but as in any business, you need to properly invest in order to get the result. Purchase systems traffic, proven among webmasters are described here .

Promotion in social networks

Without SMO now “neither the amplitude nor syudy”. Actively use the promotion of social networks – this is a little list of the largest . I would like to dwell on Twitter and FaceBook.

Progress in Twitter

Promotion of the blog can seriously help Twitter. How to do it? Read more here .

Progress in VK

I wrote an article specifically for the promotion in Vkontakte – How to Get Traffic from FaceBook .


A lot of talk and controversy about this method of promotion … But, if it works for someone else, it may work for you. Essentially you book browsing your blog reader for about 15 seconds, for which he received the money. The money he pays system that pays you for surfing. The system makes a difference to you, and you get a “surfer”, which is 100 percent pobudet on your blog seconds 15. If he is interested in your blog, it can stay there, if not – your money evaporate … It is the most ineffective way, but try it if it seems interesting to you. As for surfing, then I had better offer  for students to earn money. Read more of my tips for bloggers and I’m sure that promoted blog is not far off))) Do not think that the promotion of a blog on the Internet a matter of minutes, do not doubt that it is – laborious and difficult task, but the fruits of your work you will enjoy. Follow these suggestions how to promote a blog and your blog will take the leading place in the top Google and Yandex. Soon the continuation of the article – how to promote a blog. Part 2.

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  1. Дмитрий :

    Все эти способы известны как по мне а вот особые секреты вы не расказали думаю)

    понедельник, декабря 3, 2012 at 07:09 PM | Ссылка
  2. Василий :

    серфингом? и какйо смыл от того что будут серфить твой сайт?

    четверг, апреля 19, 2012 at 08:17 PM | Ссылка
  3. Максим :

    Некоторыми службами не пользовался, но видимо пора посмотреть в их сторону.

    воскресенье, августа 14, 2011 at 10:15 AM | Ссылка
  4. Alex :

    Прикольная статья, рассказы основные моменты раскрутки. с многими системами я даже еще и не работал, думаю попробовать, но не в ближайшее время, блогу еще, как мне кажется, времени мало.

    вторник, марта 22, 2011 at 09:18 AM | Ссылка
  5. Сергей Лемешонок :

    А если существует конец блога? Т.е. основная мысль будет высказана полностью, как поступают в таких случаях продвинутые блоггеры?

    понедельник, марта 21, 2011 at 12:16 PM | Ссылка

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