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Once you have created a blog on WordPress, proceed to its optimization . Why do we optimize? Imagine a simple middle class car, you get out of the salon, and then start it or tuning improvements to this car stand out from the many similar and much more liked you.

How to Optimize WordPress

Optimize WordPress we will be in a few steps. You can do all of them, or selectively a few, but you know exactly what each of them will benefit from a blog or website.

Panels webmasters Yandex and Google

After the site indexed by the major search engines (to accelerate the indexing read in my article ), you will need to somehow monitor and find out what is happening with a blog or website search engine eyes, in other words – to keep the “finger on the pulse.” It is therefore necessary to add a blog to the webmaster Yandex panel and the Google, which gives full information about what is happening with your blog.

With these panels, you will be able to promptly learn about problems with indexing, duplicate pages or headings, and key questions for which the site is located in the tops of Google and Yandex. Study panel as carefully as possible, each section has a value in them for ranking blog or website extradition.

Install plug-ins

Always time to update the version of the plugin and WordPress. The rate of development of computer technologies MEGAMULTISKOROSTNAYA – so pausing for a week, you can lose months of work.

Of SEO at least a Platinum – a necessary plug-in that automatically tries to make friends with a website and Google and by Yandex. As an alternative, you can install any other plug-in that performs almost similar functions. I still recommend the Google the XML the Sitemap – automatically creates a site map (saytmap), which improves indexing and gives you the opportunity to notify search engines about new posts automatically. The W3 of Total the Cache – a very useful plugin which reduces page load time. Page Load Time – an important indicator for SEO. And think about your readers that instead of waiting 10-15 seconds of page load, will be able to download it for 7-9 seconds. Askimet – plugin that protects against spam blog. Contrary to the opinion that spam is only a more or less popular blogs – it’s not as if the blog accidentally got in spamming database, spam will be regularly and with passion.

The WordPress the Backup – back up, back up, and even back up again. It is better to put it on automatic flow with the help of this plugin. In time to make a backup can save several days of work …

SmushIt – plug-in optimizes the images, reduces its weight without significant loss of quality to the human eye, which in turn speeds up page loading.

Link checker for Broken – plugin automatically checks the “broken” or “empty” link.
Follow these links is necessary because the visitors get frustrated when moving on the links do not have relevance.

Its negative – a permanent job, and therefore a large load on the host system resources.

-To-Rus lat – translitiruet Cyrillic characters permalinks (permanent links) in Latin.


It will look like this:

I also prepared a list of the less relevant, but interesting sample WordPress plugin .

Create groups and accounts in social networks

The so-called the SMO – promotion of social networks is mandatory for today’s blog. I have devoted a whole article to the list of social networks to promote, read it here .

To start there is promotion, be sure to create an account or group in the following social networks.

Encourage entry into the group of readers and followers. Put social media buttons to your blog – Put social media buttons on the blog .

Check your spelling

This paragraph relates more to the theme of quality content, but, once again, that the absence of a competent text = no prospects for development .
The text with errors do not like no one – neither the readers nor the search engines.

Here are a few tools to check spelling:

Full list of services check the text for errors to be found in my article – How to check the text for errors .

Check the correctness of css and html

Learn at least, the basics of css and html. If you take the time and be dismantled more than entry-level – you will not regret, because face further with these languages ​​will be constantly.

Test your theme (template) for errors. Usually it turns out that the error does not happen without a single page. Check out popular websites with the help of these tools and you will see that there are errors in all popular designs. However, to strive for the indicator to 0 errors should always:

Optimize Page 404

Optimized 404 error page – usually a parameter of your concerns about the blog and a professional approach. Modify the page on your taste, or look at what competitors are doing and come up with something of their own.

The visitor got to page 404, it can be easily converted into a loyal visitor of the blog for a long time. More about 404 read in my article – How to optimize your 404 page .

Create Robots.txt, to avoid duplicate content

Robots.txt File – guide-guide for search engine site. Create and verify the Robots.txt file, you can through the panel Google or Yandex webmasters.

Create a page with contact information about you and what your blog

Pages Contact and About the Author – required page on your blog. So you open up and show that the blog has a human face :))


Feedburner – a convenient service expanding the capabilities of RSS – tapes. It adds the ability to subscribe to blog readers to updates via email, subscribers counter, etc. Try –  Add Feed to Feedburner site .

Statistic of blog or website

Be sure to add statistics to your blog or website, with its help you can get to know the most interesting pages for your readers as well as the order of visits to pages and other useful information. To learn how to add statistics to the blog I wrote in a separate article – read here .

The primary optimization to WordPress completed, the next step – optimizing your time for writing articles.

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