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I regularly hear such a complaint as: “I do not have time to blogging, I’m too busy!” and after it flies a mountain of excuses … excuses inability to manage your time, or reluctance. Time is free, but priceless. We do not own them, but we can use it.


Although time is limited and we have 24 hours to make a real reassessment of priorities. Most bloggers are working on the job, which, in extreme cases, take 9 hours a day, plus sleep about 7 hours and 8 hours for it to do all the housework, to communicate with family and friends and relax, doing hobbies.

And that is why we must learn to control all the time, so as not to lose a minute in vain, and to live every moment wisely. How to allocate some time to blog their dreams and achieve their goals in life ? So, how to optimize your time.

1. stopped only to read, write, start already

I understand that reading other people’s diaries are very exciting, but if you feel that you yourself can conduct highly relevant blog, why not start now ? Reduce the amount of time reading and begin already to carry out what so long dreamed of. Do not stand on the spot. Be the master of your blog and your life)))

2. Do not focus on statistics

If you are constantly just going to do what to check their stats and wait until you will be sent the money for traffic, you still did not get anywhere. Think of what to write in your blog, go to the statistics only once a day.

3. Focus on what’s important

You need to focus on, which leads to the execution of all your goals. For bloggers, usually, the most important is their hobby blog readership. So you develop all the new ways to attract more readers to your posts, articles and notes.

4. Do not be distracted

Nowadays it is very easy to get carried away and start to surf the Internet when it does you do not need. You can easily carry on someone’s someone else’s blog, where you will begin to have to talk to someone, and here you have, of course, no time is not enough for your own blog. Do not be distracted by trivia!

5. Throw out the TV

Most people claim that they are too busy to keep your blog on a regular basis, although they somehow have time for a few hours watching TV! This, of course, may be interesting, but not interesting as their blog, is not it?

6. Forget about the schedule

You have made yourself quite a tough schedule to fix the blog entries? Stop it at once! If you are too self download, you then just give up this whole affair, which is very disappointing. Write one or two times a week. Do not squeeze out all the juice daily, better write less, but more interesting than every day, but a complete nonsense.

7. focus on your health

Eat right. Perform the exercise every day. Sleep enough. The fact that you lead a healthy lifestyle will definitely make you more energetic and improve your performance throughout the day.

8. Do not spend a lot of time on social networks

Social networks are important to promote your blog, but do not turn it into dependence. Pay up to 1 hour a day social networking. If you have already purchased this dependence is read this article of mine , maybe it will help you overcome the dependence on social networks.

9. Write from the heart

When you read someone’s blog and it just drags you to madness, then the author of the blog have a passion for what he does. Passion comes when a person writes with the soul, that it’s really interesting. An interesting topic for you – the best motivation that just can not be! You can not go to sleep until you are finished, or vice versa jump neither light nor dawn, only to write, write, write … That’s what a real blogger!

Most of the “employment” of bloggers spend their time on all sorts of nonsense, including watching TV, rather than to shine on his page. Moreover, after the “empty” of the day and tell something special about. Therefore, take it seriously and shift your priorities from passive viewing to active work in a blog on the goals and dreams. No one has ever better than you, do not write about it!

PS And this post charming blonde Ani) told lips))

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    Спасибо!!! У меня получилось!!!

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  2. Зоя :

    Как раз по поводу 4 правила, сейчас сижу пишу статью в блог, но отвлеклась, и вот я уже читаю эту статью)

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    все правильно, особенно 6-е и 3-е правило. А справилом 1 немного не согласен – надо и читать и писать. Если все начнут только писать, то кто тогда это будет читать?

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