How to Add Videos on Vimeo

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VIMEO – known American free video hosting. Of course, not been very popular in the CIS countries, however, are very popular in the US and Canada. Add video here quite easily. Yes and allow the audience to watch this video hosting your downloaded video is also a nice and simple)))

So, how to add video on Vimeo.

Step 1

Go to the site, enter your name, your email address and password of your account. After press the button Join
How to Add Videos on Vimeo

Step 2

Vimeo immediately offers paid packages that provide additional options, if you are going to work with this service tightly enough. However, I for example, always use the free version, it is enough to me. To do this, we climb down the page and look for the link “Continue with your Basic account”.
How to Add Videos on Vimeo 2

Step 3

That’s it. Account created. Now load the first video by clicking on the “Upload a Video” button.
How to Add Videos on Vimeo 2

Step 4

Now, the system reminds us of the need to verify your email address.
How to Add Videos on Vimeo 4

step 5

Go to your mailbox that was specified during registration. Find the letter from VIMEO and confirm registration by clicking on the button “Complete Your Registration”.
How to Add Videos on Vimeo 5

step 6

In the window that appears, click the button “Choose a Video to Upload”. Do not forget that Vimeo like any other video hosting, takes only those videos that you have created yourself, or you own the copyright. As well as videos that do not violate the laws and principles of morality, read more about them in the 3rd paragraph in the box below.
How to Add Videos on Vimeo 6

step 7

After selecting a video, press the button “Upload Selected Videos”.
How to Add Videos on Vimeo 7

Step 8

We wait until the download videos on video hosting. Once there was an inscription “the Done! The Go to
the Video”, fill in the name (Title), the description of the video (Description), keywords video (Tags).

In the Credits section, you can upload your avatar and sign his occupation.

Directly beneath the inscription on the successful uploading videos, you can also add additional information and video settings – Basic, Privacy, Add to, Advanced, Upgrade.

Click “Save changes”, then “Go to Video” button.

How to Add Videos on Vimeo 8

Step 9

All that is now left to wait. On average, the video is processed for 40 minutes.
How to Add Videos on Vimeo 9

step 10

Hooray!!! Video added)))
How to Add Videos on Vimeo 10

I recall that a free Vimeo package enables to load only 1 video in HD per week. that is enough for me. However, if you plan to download a large number of video is enough, you have to fork out.

Add your video to the video hosting is very useful to promote your website or any product. Do not forget that all the videos Vimeo indexed by Google and by Yandex. Pros – social activity, traffic from Vimeo, an additional traffic from search engines, additional active link in the video description.

Successful Vimeoinga)))

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  1. Илья :

    А за использование чужой музыки, видео удаляют?

    вторник, марта 29, 2016 at 12:32 PM | Ссылка
  2. Джордж Хорхе Георгий :

    Yavvel, если Вы не снимали этот фильм самостоятельно, либо у Вас нет прав на публикацию фильма, то его удалят из любого видеохостинга, поскольку это нарушение законодательства практически любой цивилизованной страны.

    понедельник, июля 22, 2013 at 02:46 PM | Ссылка
  3. yavvel :

    а можно добавлять на Вимео фильмы? или их удалят как на Ютубе?

    понедельник, июля 22, 2013 at 01:16 PM | Ссылка

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