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Adding a video on Facebook, of course, will not be difficult, because the Facebook is an advanced and intuitive interface. However, for beginners, I would like to explain step by step how the video is added to a group or a public page on Facebook.

Let me remind you that adding videos to various video hosting has a positive effect on the development of the site or the promoted product. I always describe the simple instructions on how to add videos to popular video hosting. Facebook and other well-known social networking sites allow video to load, not ideal if video hosting ???

So, how to add video on Facebook – step by step instructions.

Step 1

Go to the group, or a public page on Facebook, in my example, I went to his group in the FB – . We get down to the wall and look for the “Photo / Video” link, click on it.
How to Add Video to Facebook

Step 2

Select “Upload Photos / Video”.

How to Add Video to Facebook.  Step 2.

Step 3

Select the video that we want to upload to Facebook.
How to Add Video to Facebook.  Step 3.

Step 4

In this example, I loaded clip “How to add your site to Google”. By selecting it on your computer, click “Post” button.
How to Add Video to Facebook.  Step 4.

step 5

There is a video download. We expect a bit.
How to Add Video to Facebook.  Step 5.

step 6

Now when the movie is loaded, it is processed by Facebook. Meanwhile we can make information about the video. Click “Edit Video” on the pop-up window.
How to Add Video to Facebook.  Step 6.

step 7

Enter the title of the movie (Title), where it was recorded (Where) and the description of the video (which he himself (Description)). You can also fill the top spot “In this video”, if a video one of your friends. After entering information click “Save” button.
How to Add Video to Facebook.  Step 7.

Step 8

That’s all friends))) Your video is now available to all users the largest social network in the world!
How to Add Video to Facebook.  Step 8.

Friends, do not underestimate Facebook to promote the Russian language. Of course, Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki in the lead, but do not forget about social activity signals with Facebook, which so drew the attention of Google. Also on Facebook, you can easily maintain your blog for free .

It is also recommended not to stop on Youtube, Facebook and Vkontakte and continue to upload your videos to other popular social networks and video hosting.

Successful videofeysbukinga!

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