The illusion of choice to the buyer of Products

Автор: Джордж Хорхе Георгий в Разное. Кто не лайкнул, тот Сергей Зверев!

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I stumbled recently an interesting picture of the American researcher. He created the image distributing brands of consumer goods and food products in the world.

We look carefully and understand what is happening in the market, including our … And, in fact, all our money accumulated from several dozen families of the world …. So, my friends, almost all brands of the world in front of you …

The illusion of choice to the buyer of Products

Full size, see the picture here .

There remains two ways – either to strive in these families (look for relatives to marry, and so on))) or, as a ball – “All take and share.” Time will tell!

Or maybe all these stories about the World Government … not an empty phrase?

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  1. Василий :

    Еще смешнее другое – несколько европейский семей держат почти все банки входящие в Федеральную Резервную Систему США. А это омериканский ЦБ, который очень много чего может…

    пятница, мая 18, 2012 at 04:02 PM | Ссылка

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