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Content for English sites – an important component for the promotion of the English-speaking sector. Since this is my main specialty – the promotion of English-language sites, I want to share the experience where I buy the content.
I have to say, quite a fascinating occupation. Finding good copywriter, it is necessary for the subject matter, usually takes some time. However, if I find it, I get a portion of positive emotions.

So where do I buy the content for English sites? In general, these two exchanges and acquaintances copywriters.

1. Constant-content

Constant Content

About this exchange I wrote in the article about the promotion of English-language sites . This exchange I use when I need quality expensive text, because there is the creation of the text size of 400-500 words will cost from 30 to 100 US dollars for the text. You can choose any type of text from a simple article to the press release. It is worth noting that this is a serious exchange checking and approach to the level copywriters. Moreover, on the stock exchange has officially forbidden to do rewrite the texts, if you specify the source in the job. It says, first of all the high-class approach to work and the law, so you do not have problems with customers, and of course, the exchange itself)))

At the stock exchange it is possible to buy a single-use articles, indicating the author (Buy Usage), a unique use of indicating the author (Buy Unique) and the full enjoyment of your choice (Buy Full).

Another trick that I use, if you want to buy articles for blogs and a lot of different subjects. I am looking for suitable articles, which is marked “or Best Offer” (as in the picture).

Trading on the constant-content

And I Trade copywriter. The system allows to reduce the cost of the proposal by two-thirds, that is, if the article is worth $ 30, you can offer to buy 11 US dollars. I am sending a request for bargaining. And I am waiting for an answer. Once upon a time is not necessary, but on average, 10-15% of all my applications are completed successfully.

Registration Constant-content.com

2. iwriter

IWriter – inexpensive alternative to constant-content. By the way, it describes (himself!) Michael Shakin as Exchange, which uses itself for the promotion of English-language sites. The text of 400-500 words is enough quality copywriters are worth 15-20 dollars. Rewrite – 10-15 US dollars. In principle, all cheap and cheerful. The ideal solution for those who have the customer on the promotion – a miser.

Registration Iwriter.com

3. Familiar copywriters

We know copywriters ordering and text. It is worth noting that I prefer native speakers, that is, it is recommend to use the services of people in the US or Canada. As of writing, there are hundreds of details that it is more accessible to people who have grown up in the language environment. I’m not saying that Russian-speaking graduates in English Philology will be writing articles is worse, however, if the potential Russian language will be able to write on the quality of the text by 99%, then an English copywriter has the ability to write a text on the quality of 100%. Moreover, if you buy a text on female consumer or subject, it is a local copywriter in the US, Canada and Britain – the best solution. Because they know a lot of little things that are not available to man from another country.

Where to find these copywriters? Very simply, on their blogs, hammer at Google, for example, “content writing services” and will be able to find dozens of personal blogs of authors. Also I recommend to read more articles under Anglophone promotion . In the section I wrote more than 10 articles devoted to the promotion in the United States and Canada.

I, in turn, immediately offer the customer to find a quality copywriter on the subject promoted by the site. And be sure to ask him to do it yourself. So he knows what pays the money copywriter for the job and does not pay the extra money to me. I, in turn, get quality content without a load, which is very good help in promoting the site.

These are my main sources of content buying for English-language sites. Even I use them for about 3 years. Successful anglokontentinga)))

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    Здравствуйте. Подскажите, пожалуйста, а если у меня нет возможности платить Пайпэлом на бирже Iwriter, можно это сделать с помощью карты например, Мастеркард?

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