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If you decide to create and develop a blog , the first thing to do – is to buy com, ru, net or any other domain. Simply put the name on the Internet for your blog. Everyone knows how to ship call, so it will float. Therefore they are related to the choice of a domain name seriously. where to buy domainThe purpose of my article is to present the leaders of the domain registration market. If you still have the question to buy old or new domain, check out this article – Is Domain Age is important for promotion . New domain names offers a register of almost any reputable hosting provider. Often, when you buy hosting for a year, the company provides name registration for one year free of charge. For more information about these web hosting providers, see the end of the article. Below are the most popular and proven services I purchase new and old domain name. Services fully answer the question – where to buy the domain name of the site)))


Webnames – convenient registrar for domain .ru, .su, .kz, .uz, com.ua, .kiev.ua as well as Cyrillic domain .rf. Selection of Cyrillic domain is yours because in RuNet a lot of debate about what is best for Runet, Cyrillic domains, a common Latin. While this is a matter of taste and your solutions. Remember, the most important thing in blogs and websites – it is their uniqueness and usefulness, everything else is secondary! I have about 10 domains on this recorder, no problems, for support staff – adequate.

Website – webnames.ru


Examples: the google, the google.com

Reg.Ru – I’ve been using for quite some time, and happy with their hosting. JOIN with them and domains. There’s also all about the adequacy of supporting. Be sure to compare prices when buying domains with Webnames.Ru. On Reg.ru more than 180 domain zones, including .md, .tm, .tj, .am, .kg et al.

Website – Reg.Ru


Sedo – the largest European shopping service and sale of domain names. It focuses on the top-level domain com and net, as well as to European domains .co.uk, .me, .eu, .es, .de, .ws, .at, .be, .ch, lt, .cz. If you already have a domain, you can put it to the parking lot and getting paid for those customers that visit your domain, and click on the advertisement. This is usually a very small income, so I do not advise long delay your domain parking. It is better to create and develop a blog!

Website – Sedo


Godaddy – the most popular registrar and auction purchases in the US domain. Domain .com, .net, .info, .org, .mobi, .co, .biz, .tv, .ca, .asia – buy – no problem! A huge number of settings and search options. The minimum price for the old domain is $ 5. Godaddy undoubtedly takes a user-friendly interface and features of the old domain search. By the way, I have an article with coupons from Godaddy, which will help you get a discount when buying a domain – Discounts GouDeddi (Godaddy) . I really like the interface and the auction option, in my opinion the best of all that I have seen. The site – Godaddy Now, if you still think that you do not need a new separate domain, but just enough to have a long name to a subdomain, and if you use the following platform Blogger, LiveJournal, etc. (full list here ), you need to purchase the name disappears, since it is automatically assigned to the subdomain. Example: yablogger.blogspot.com or yablogger.livejournal.ru Sure, you can look for profitable deals and other services registration of the domain for your blog. You may get a better offer. However, remember that these companies have proven themselves over the years of stable work.

So decide what you want, or buy a new domain name or the old with the auction, or simply making a blog on a subdomain. Now forward to the next step – Purchase hosting !

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  1. Kairatbek :

    Совершенно верно,сперва домен и хостинг и домен! Только на авторитетных хостингах.

    понедельник, декабря 2, 2013 at 05:03 PM | Ссылка
  2. sucha :

    хочу создать свой блог , но призадумалась ” а это того стоит ? “

    воскресенье, августа 11, 2013 at 05:42 PM | Ссылка
  3. Джордж Хорхе Георгий :

    Светлана, для того, чтобы создать свой блог, надо всего лишь прочитать этот пост и выполнить все пошагово.


    Удачного блогинга!

    понедельник, августа 29, 2011 at 08:22 PM | Ссылка
  4. Светлана :

    Хочу создать блог. Как это сделать?

    пятница, мая 13, 2011 at 04:05 AM | Ссылка

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