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TCI index is used as part of a search engine Yandex and determine the relevance of the resource in the immediate base of the search engine database. According to the Yandex developers, TCI has no direct impact on web design position in a dynamic issue that only relevant sites are determined by the specific search queries entered by users.

What Is TCI

Thematic citation index is calculated for the entire web resources and is heavily dependent on the quantity and quality of donor sites. This quality indicator plays a more important role and is calculated according to special algorithms of the system.

In determining the TCI are the main parameters:

  • thematic proximity of the donor site and acceptor site;
  • TCI referring site;
  • the presence of the donor site in Yandex catalog ;
  • availability referrers donor in the search engine index.

As a result, TCI-acceptor site is calculated as the sum of the “significance” of all the external links of the resource that are indexed by search engines Yandex.

It should be noted that the thematic citation index was created solely for the convenience of users. With it, every person working in the search engine Yandex, may determine the credibility of a source of information. Indicator “citation” is also successfully used in the rankings of similar websites in the Yandex directory headings.

Links that do not affect the TIC

  1. Links featured on the pages of unstaged donor sites (located outside the Russian-speaking segment of the network).
  2. Internal links do not go beyond the limits of the site (created for the relinking of pages and the relationship).
  3. Links from substandard web resources that do not have any prior or subsequent approval (cluttered forums, directories of links, social services).
  4. References to “free” sites hosted on servers that do not have registration in the catalog Yandex.

Thematic index of citing the search engine is recalculated periodically and quickly adjusted on the basis of the changes to the donor sites.

Artificial capacity TCI is a violation of the rules and Yandex represents the most common, leaving to the “black SEO», search engine deception. In turn, Yandex does not allow themselves to be deceived by introducing new and improving old algorithms detect fraud. Any attempt to artificially influence the rate of TIC may result in complete zeroing it, and in some cases, more stringent penalties on the part of Yandex.

To determine what kind of site index TCI, use the following services, which I described in the article – How to check Google PR and Alexa Rank . For example, my blog index TCI -TCI Kaksozdatsvojblog.com

Successful tITsinga)))

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