Aeroflot – negative reviews. Part 3

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Goes on to describe the situation with airline Aeroflot. Start descriptions in Part №1 , and continued –  Part №2 .

Aeroflot - negative reviews.  Part 3

I took a complaint that is sent to Aeroflot, the English language and sent a letter to the Skyteam (International aviaalyans, which includes Aeroflot) – Here is the translation:

Dear SkyTeam,

I am writing an airline complaint letter for the first time.

Please read this letter what I have sent to Aeroflot Open Line on June 2nd, 2013 (original letter-WAS in Russian letter-):
“I of am Extremely disappointed AT up my recent experience with the Company About enterprise | Aeroflot All airlines Aeroflot Russian Airlines’ I of am writing you Concerning rude, inattentive. , unfriendly and lying airline employee An incident occurred during check-in for a flight SU 1805 Kiev -. Moscow, on June 1, 2013 at Kiev Boryspil International Airport, Terminal D , check-in counter 57-60.

My parents (Dmitry *********** and Larisa ************) airplane tickets (5 *********** 3 and 5 ** **** ****** 4), stood in line to check in (there were three economy class lines and one business class line). They stood in the line of almost 20 people and when it was almost their turn to check in, the passengers standing in front of them (one woman and two men) had been checked in for a very long time. A man (as I understood, he was responsible for check-in) came to the check-in counter and had been finding out something for about 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, the check-in in the other two economy class lines was performed normally. Passengers who were standing at the end of the line began to move to the other check-in counters, seeing a long delay in this line. But my parents stood at this check-in counter because they were next in line.

No one at Aeroflot bothered to offer my parents to go to the other check-in counter. Then I went to a free check-in counter for business class passengers and asked the agent to check in my parents, because they had already been standing in line for about 30 minutes, and the problem with passengers at the check-in counter for economy class did not move forward. The agent explained me that she checked in only business class passengers and she had already checked in 20 people, and she could not check in my parents flying in economy class. She also said that she did not consider it a problem that my parents had already been standing in line for over 30 minutes.

I and my parents continued to wait when the problem with check-in would be solved. But I was unpleasantly surprised when I saw people, standing in the economy class line for about 5 minutes, to go to the check-in counter for business class and the agent to perform the check-in. The agent checked in about 3 people who were standing in the economy class line and move to the check-in counter for business class. I saw that these passengers asked the agent, sitting at the check-in counter for business class, if they could move from the economy class line to the business class line. I want to point out that these people were obviously not flying business class, because the information about business class line was clearly visible to all passengers and as I understood all business class passengers went to the business class line right away.

After I saw this, I went to the check-in counter for business class and again asked the agent to perform check-in, because she did it for the other economy class passengers. The agent is a woman with a long black hair, around 40 years old, wearing a white shirt without any indication of her name. She told me that all those people were business class passengers. She responded rudely, turning her head away and showing her reluctance to speak with me. When I asked her if she was an official Aeroflot employee, she told me that she was an agent and she was not Aeroflot employee, and she refused to tell me her name. She was sitting at the check-in counter “Business class SU 1805 Aeroflot”. There were no other flights mentioned. And I clearly saw that she checked in economy class passengers.

I really do not understand the reason why the agent refused to solve the problem of economy class line (within 3 minutes), and not to force my parents unnecessarily wait another 30 minutes for check-in. I want to remind that the check-in counter for business class passengers was almost always free. I know that economy class passengers can check in at the check-in counter for business class, if there is a need for this. I was checked in this way for a flight to Miami (SWISS Airlines). Due to the problem at the check-in counter for economy class, whether it was a technical problem or clarifying other details about the passenger, I think there was a need to check in my parents at the check-in counter for business class. Such delay should not affect the other passengers, especially when there are free check-in counters.

Please look into my complaint and take appropriate action on it as soon as possible. Please contact me and inform about the actions taken against the employee. ”

After my letter I`ve got an answer from Anastasiia Fedorova – (Head of Openline Department at Aeroflot), what they are apologize, and will do internal inspection. Then nobody answered my following email for 3 weeks. Instead of that in about 1 month I`ve got answer that they did this internal inspection. And find out that all their employees were correct. That is complete lie!

Nobody from Aeroflot didnt contact me by phone or email for about 1 month, nobody didn`t answer none of 3 following emails after first email. Aeroflot Openline staff didn`t even red my email carefully, cause their answer was not about the essence of my complaint. And the feeling of their answer was about “just get off, man”. In other words, they show me what my complaint is complete lie! For my understanding Aeroflot has at least 2 unprofessional departments – Check-in and Openline.

I hope Skyteam is much more serious about customer service than this Aeroflot airlines.

Please, send this complaint for Skyteam Customer Service Department.

of George

With the original application can be found in the first part of Aeroflot – negative reviews. Part 1 .

Thinking that SkyTeam will help to understand in this matter, I waited exactly one day and get their response to your e-mail address:

Dear Sir or Madam,

Thank you for taking the time to contact SkyTeam to explain the issues that have occurred recently.

We are sorry to learn that your recent experience with our member airlines was not of your satisfaction. Your message has been forwarded internally to the contact person in the airlines. They will be in contact with you to make our best efforts in order to reassure your confidence in SkyTeam.

We highly appreciate your feedback again in the future since it will assist us in becoming better at what we do.

Yours sincerely,

The SkyTeam website team

Simply put, Skyteam Alliance “slipped” on Aeroflot and said that these issues are solved directly with the airline. The situation is clear: the alliance of activism has taken only the transfer of my complaint Aeroflot !!! Let me remind you that my complaint was ignored and the full image answers to company officials were false and untrue. Moreover, no measures to investigate the treatment were not conducted.

What is left to do in such situations? First, the court. As you can see, it proves virtually nothing is impossible, and troublesome time and money. Second, the “blow money”. I basically will not fly Aeroflot in overseas flights. It’s hard enough not to fly Aeroflot in Russia as Aeroflot and airlines are part of this group of companies – “monopoly” in the Russian aviation market. However, I will strive and not to fly Russian airlines Aeroflot and approximate to Aeroflot. In my humble particular example, the lack of customer service solutions for the problem, the company will lose a minimum of $ 2,000 per year.

Aeroflot could benefit from the experience of other, more advanced, airlines and hotels, which are at least substantially pretend to enter the client’s situation and give a slight bonus in the form of crediting of miles or small services company. In my case, it ended with the “Soviet” standard – “the fool” by Anastasia Fedorova Yurievna, worker, not even signed their positions in the company, in correspondence with me. Negligence company is visible in every e-mail.

I consider it my civic duty to describe this situation. I hope many will draw conclusions for themselves. Successful flight, gentlemen)

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