5 The main costs of the Website Owner

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Friends, today my article applies more to business people or those who want to open a website and want to calculate the return on investment. Many businessmen who work in the future, try to move part of their business to the Internet. This decision is understandable, because in the virtual world today, you can earn as much as you like, and there are no restrictions here. In addition, young people who want to start earning as well start out with the Internet. And for successful businessmen and young entrepreneurs the best choice salary is opening its own website. But, as in any case, here the expenditure items that need to be taken into account when planning your budget. They will all be itemized below.

Just say caveat: all of the costs described in this article do not apply to large online projects, because their budget can be unlimited. I publish prices in US dollars, to make it clear to all the Russian-speaking readers from around the world)))

5 The main costs of the Website Owner

1. Create a site

If you do not know how to create websites, it will cost you in the amount of 100-500 dollars for a site-card, if an online store is approximately US $ 1,000. However, you can learn the most, because the modern CMS (Content Management System) has friendly interface, and on the Internet a variety of free materials that will help you master the web construction (eg my blog :))). Read my article – How to build a website . In any case, you need to know the basics of HTML and CSS web programming, or will not be able to manage your online business, so try to master this direction on their own.

2. Web Design

If you have some kind of a unique idea for decoration of your future life, you can turn to freelancers who can bring your idea to life. The cost of this work will depend on what you put tasks before implementing specific figures quite difficult to write. In this case it is better not to take the job on their own, because the web designers will make it faster and more beautiful, and from the lack of these skills to your business management will not suffer. On average freelancing unique design is worth $ 100. In general, these $ 100 are included in the creation of the site is as a contract with the studio, which creates a website.

3. Promotion and web marketing

The options are many promotion. This of SEO , and the SMO , and contextual advertising. In some cases, in order to achieve maximum results, all these techniques are combined. The cost of promotion depends on many factors, including the level of competition in the selected category, the number of requests, etc. Promoted but in any case it should be noted that will advance the largest costs. In the event of recourse to freelance guided in the amount of $ 1,000 and above. You can do your own promotion, and did not have to pay. But this science is very complex, and its self-development will take several years. We strongly recommend not only be based on exchanges of automatic promotion, this can play a cruel joke with you at the end.

4. Content

Buying content will also be expensive. It all depends on the frequency of updating the resource and on the desired level of quality of the content. On average, one article is 2-5 dollars. It all depends on the subject, for example, the article women’s issues really worth 2-5 dollars US, the article subject of this blog is worth 20 dollars.

5. Domain, hosting and other costs

This could include the purchase of a domain name , hosting , as well as cases when it is necessary to appeal to programmers, freelancers in the event of any serious problems. Domain Hosting costs about $ 20-30 – $ 10-15 per month.

All of the above costs do not include hiring managers on resource management. This task can take over, and if with the development of the resource, you will not have enough time, you can hire managers. It should be noted that all figures mentioned above are subjective, but the average cost of a site just like that.
Total site owner has to spend: the creation of $ 600 one-time fee + $ 6,000 per year promotion + other costs of $ 200 per year = prepare for expenses 6-7 thousand dollars a year for the full development of the site. And it is only a project of small or medium size.
So once again urge everyone to learn HTML with CSS and SEO basics))) Good luck saytinga)))

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