Motivational 5 Tricks for Bloggers

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To create a successful blog, without motivation can not do. Motivate yourself is easy when you are very well earn on a blog . But when we are talking about modest income, you have to work hard to get to that stage, on which you can earn decently.


Here are five methods that you can use to increase the motivation to be productive all the time, even if your blog has not yet bring material rewards.

1. Chain method

If you want to read or write every day, take a paper calendar and mark each day on it “x”, to know that in the day you read or written.

After a few such successful days you will see a long sequence of “x” -verenitsu, which will greatly motivate you to keep this sequence. Place this calendar in a prominent place, so that he is constantly reminding you that you need to do today.

2. Promise your readers

This practice is not for the faint of heart, but it can ignite a powerful incentive for self-motivation and motivation zarobotok to be extremely productive.

Put your promise in the sidebar of your blog, so that everyone knows about your intentions. For example, you can write in the sidebar, you aim to get 500 subscribers by July 2013. Or you’re going to give up the off-earning and live only on the income of its website in December 2013-th.

Another option – is to announce in an article for his regular readers, although this method is less effective in terms of creating a powerful incentive than the above. As one prominent politician to accurately do anything necessary to inform the public about it, my wife and best friend. And then there will be no option to not embarrass myself. You will have to push the fear did not keep his word, in front of so many people and quality.

On the other hand, it may look a little silly if you do not will succeed after a public statement, but still worth a try, because it will motivate you to be productive, if differently does not work. Here is one more word of the founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, in an interview – better to try to do something and fail than to do nothing.

3. Reward yourself

The use of incentives may be a good method, both for short-term tasks, and for those that have been planned for a long period.

For example, on Saturday you are writing very few bulk articles or posts average volume. You “sign a contract” with yourself that you will encourage yourself to a delicious dinner, but only if you reach the set target date. But otherwise you will be satisfied with cooked rice and sausage, or sausage sandwich.

To use this strategy for a long time, you just need to promise to give yourself a reward only for the fulfillment of this goal in a certain period of your time. Slightly feudal method, however, applies to many.

Receiving encouragement you give yourself installation, which followed the implementation of the planned you will make no less effort to achieve the goal, otherwise the award will not be.

4. Write your goal where you often visit

This method is similar to a public promise, but only to see your eyes.

Just print out the important task of the blog and place the list in a place where you are more often that it is constantly reminding you of what you are seeking.

You can even make a wallpaper for your computer’s desktop task list for the blog, and the timing of their implementation. That is now a constant reminder can also serve as an impetus for the implementation of the plan.

5. Find the responsible partner

Constant communication with those who aspire to the same, that you will encourage you to take all possible steps towards fulfilling the goal. For example, he wants to prepare the four guest post for just one month.

Perhaps you are more stimulating companion))) By the way, if you have this in mind, let her read an article about tips for beginners Blogersha – here here .

But if you want to increase the strength of this stimulus, enclose it with a bet that if planned will not be met in time, the loser buys the winner of sweetness.

So, ways to increase the motivation to work on the blog, as you can see, a lot. And you know what methods?
The PSS What motivated this girl dare incur 20 glasses of beer at the same time and become popular in Youtube? I think she’s got another trick)))

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