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You have become a blogger , and accordingly, after a time, try to be SEOs and Webmasters, which means long sedentary work. It’s your choice (often unexpected, even for yourself), respectively, it puts its mark on your demeanor, interests and priorities in life.

SEOs blogger and webmaster

Do not forget that life is given only once, so that the desire to do things you love is gone, and you can live a full life, follow the 10 rules that I brought on the basis of his life .

1. Physical exercise – a vital necessity

A sedentary lifestyle is associated with a great risk to health. The first – the most common deviation – a panic attack (last vegetative-vascular dystonia). That is why any active sport is bound to be in your daily schedule.

Highly recommended – swimming, yoga, jogging, and biking . It’s rhythmic stress, they develop the functionality of the human, and hence synchronize the work of all body systems. Consult before training with a physician.

2. Proper nutrition

Avoid large doses of caffeine . If you drink coffee – buy only expensive, the other did not use at all. Less tea.

Take the question of quality food. Remember the important rule: the basic daily diet – only those products that grow in the region where you live and if you eat meat, the animals that live in your area.

3. Positive around

Information that gets to you through the Internet, it is a huge thread that you do not even notice. If consciousness is something not to notice all the subconscious mind absorbs. Therefore, you are overwhelmed by the necessary and unnecessary information.
It is because of this overload on all the negative information you will respond much more sensitive than before.

Stop watching programs about crime , murders, sorcerers, etc.

4. Intellectual development

. Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism and every other religion is allowed to grow spiritually, to be accepted by you as you desire
without attachment to good values, millions of you are limiting yourself to the understanding of the world and, consequently, stop yourself to live fully.
Let it be even atheism – conviction self-sufficiency in the natural world. In this case, studying the laws of nature and develop faith in the uniqueness of our world.

5. Communicating with nature

Make it a rule to relax in nature, at least once a week, especially in the summer! Go on the horizontal bar at the stadium. Urban beach or the park, most welcome.

In winter, when possible, skiing spend at least 1 day per week.

6. Family

Rethink of the family – is very difficult to escape from work, when she carries. Find the strength to remember that the family, the only people who truly love you. Give them your love in the first place.
Even if your family has quarrels and insults to a family member, try to overcome yourself and make a step forward, even if not productive, but in a constant effort to make the family better, you will find happiness.

7. Hiking

Walk at least 5 km before going to bed, it’s about an hour walk. Walking – calms emotionally and physically is the body prevention of many diseases.

8. Gymnastics for the eyes

Every morning do exercises for the eyes. Eyes – this is your working tool used in elevated mode.
I have already described the exercises for the eyes and the rules for using the computer in this article .

9. Communicate with colleagues

Conference fees tea with colleagues – that distract you from the constant stream of thoughts.
Do not save money on meetings and participation in conferences – your life is going, get the pleasure of communicating with similar people to you.

Remember that if you have a lunch break 1 hour – then it must be carried out not at the computer.

10. Love

Love – the most powerful stimulant of life. Grieve not the person you love. Good-bye to him petty grievances.

Sooner or later, blogger, SEOs and webmasters will come to the fact that to carry out all these regulations or part of them is vital. We can say that these are the rules of life))) The main thing, be sure to add more rules of their own, which will help you to feel the harmony of life, family and work. Photo: krelic

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  1. Сергей :

    Большое спасибо. Очень полезная статья

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    Спасибо ) взял на вооружение

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    Не всегда правда все это удается сделать…

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  4. Максим Цыбульник :

    Всем Привет) Отличная статья, спасибо автору.Как специалист могу сказать,что речь здесь идет о такой проблемы когда человек зацикливается только на работе, тем самым он забывает о других сферах жизни.И ошибка эта характерна не только для блогеров.В результате это грозит потерей семьи,друзей,здоровья денег…Желаю что бы жизнь каждого из нас была полноценной )))

    суббота, февраля 4, 2012 at 12:49 PM | Ссылка
  5. hutornoy :

    6 1 и 2 посчитал для себя самым главным..

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  6. Мирослав :

    Чумовые советы! Спасибо! Буду стараться жить за этими правилами. Огромное спасибо!

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    Практически ни одно не выполняю. Есть еще такие как я?

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